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Had an oil leak under my tractor that happened over the winter. Drove tractor out of shed and connecting rod went through engine housing.

tech came took pictures and submitted them, Guess what some idiot tech manager said the rod broke becuase of low oil. no kidding. i had an oil leak under the tractor. i even had the tech take a pic of that too.

Doesn't matter..called customer service countless times, they can't undertand english(not their fault) and they have no clue. i finally wrote to them but I doubt anything will happen the tractor was shy of 2yrs. I'm out about 1350. Oh well Sears doesn't care .

i bought stuff there for 40 years. Please stay away from these crooks. they have the worst customer service i've ever encountered. i can't even begin to tell you what a hassle this has been.

the only good guy was the tech but he was afraid of retribution and asked me not to use his name. He knew I was right and that he would be fired if he said anything.

his word doesn't matter anyway, as long as they save money....so save yours and never ever go to these crooks. I know i won 't

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Customer Care.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $1350.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Sears Pros: One technician that agreed i had a piece of crap.

Sears Cons: Everyhting else.

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Well it IS your fault, period. Common sense says you always do a fluid check BEFORE you fire up any vehicle that has been sitting for any period of time.

Since YOU did not do that HOW is the oil leak on a tractor over a year old Sears fault?? Just shy of two years means you would be using the extended warranty. But since this IS a issue caused by YOUR NEGLIGENCE they will NOT cover it as it literally is operator error. At what point are you going to just admit that YOU were the numbnuts who didn’t check the fluids and accept the responsibility?

Knowing people like you I can guess that you will NEVER accept that YOU screwed up and will continue to blame a innocent party because YOU cannot be that mature. Any oil leak is going to show up on the ground.

You didn’t at any point go “hey there’s oil under my tractor, maybe I should check it before starting it”? Warranties are a great thing but the SCAMMING you are attempting is NOT!!


THank you Mr Sears...I'm sure you check under your car for oil stains before driving. Idiot.


QUOTE : " called customer service countless times " ... at what point would a reasonable person realize that that method is ineffective ?

You must complain in writing, to the proper department or individual, and serve via Certified Mail return receipt requested. Clearly state the nature of the equipment and the problem (facts only no he-said she-said)and what resolution would be satisfactory. State that you will allow 10 working days for a reply before escalating your claim.

Be polite, be brief ; one side of the sheet only. But be aware that anything could happen to a piece of heavy duty equipment in two years and unless you are a master mechanic (which you ain't, because you can't fix it) your diagnosis and expectations may be 100% off the mark.