I just did a search for One Source since that is who Sears directed me to and this caught my eye. My microwave is less than a month old and never worked properly.

They want to send a service person out to verify that it doesnt work then they will order the parts necessary to fix it and then they will send someone out again. I cant take this time off. I explained that and I paid a lot for my Sears appliances. I've bought 4 full sets of kitchen appliances over the years and I get a repair not a replacement and at least two home trips to avoid the restockiong fee!

When I asked for the supervisor the call center employee, "Rene" said that was a personal question and refused to give it to me.

Sears is Kmart - tacky and small minded.

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Kloten, Zurich, Switzerland #21510

Sears doesn't understand that most people work and can't take the time off to wait for them to show up over and over again.

Message to Sears: If you really are aiming for good customer service then deliver evenings when the majority of your customers are at home.

Kent, England, United Kingdom #20944

When ever you get an 1 800 number to call and they do not give you satisfaction check and see if that call center is even in this country.Then ask for a direct line to the store where you bought it.

Under 30 days you can exchange stuff without a restocking fee.They will try to tell you it should be repaired but under 30 days definately try to get it exchanged.And if you have any agreements or warranties make sure the expiration date gets pushed back the amount of time you were without the use of the item.

Good Luck


Ortonville, Minnesota, United States #20936

So....get a friend, neighbor, or some other responsible person to wait at the house for you. And if the product is deemed defective, Sears usually will replace it if it's within the return period.

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