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First I go in store. Salesman says order online for an additional discount.

So i do that. Then my husband asks me is the dryer a universal hook up? Idk! I one knows.

Connected to 8 different ppl. U cant understand 99% of them as English is broken and talk abt rude!!! Then click...when u say is there a manager. finally find out u must order a gas connection kit.

Fine.. add it on. How much?? $27.99 plus $69.99 delivery??

What??? U havent brought my appliances yet..throw it on the truck when u bring em and ill pay for part, not delivery on a $27 part. Nope cant do that. Is it being shipped via mail?

No!! They will bring it with appliances. So why a delivery fee. Im spending over $1100 and was going to get a washer n dryer next week, but sure the heck wont now!!!

Ooo and check this out..u must pay an additional $25 fee to request afternoon or morning. WHAT??? Get outta here SEARS go to ABC Warehouse. U get the items asap.

U dnt have to make 14 calls. U dnt pay for Am or PM delivery. Did i mention 2.5 hrs on the phone trying to solve this with my grandson wanting 2 play n eat? Thought my head was gonna rupture.

Pay me for my time and suffering and were even on the appliances. Spend $125 and get $125 back.. I havent seen mine show up and they dnt mention limited time to use em if u get em and do i really want to go threw this again? Just read in paper bunch of Sears are goin under.

Fabulous now im getting items that i cant even call on and be treated like crap if theres an issue?? Bottom line.. from the jump, issues. Look on line says go to certain store 2 view item.

Go there.. items not there. Then told order on line. Then all this.

Rude! Pay for AM or PM! 14 calls! Want this??

Order from Sears. Exactly why they are closing stores! Btw shout out to Ross my last connection in corporate. Believe...

if not 4 him I would of cancelled my order! Still might! He finally waved the 69.99. Whoop de doo.

I was hit the rest of day.. i couldnt function, because of the nitemare hassle to add a flipping part.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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