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I would not recommend buying appliances on I placed an order for all new applicances for my kitchen on Sept 7th.

I went through the whole process of ordering exactly what I wanted including giving my credit card number to pay only to be told by email that the appliances that I ordered and paid for were out of stock except the 189.00 microwave. To make a long story short placed a pending tranaction hold on my credit card for thousands of dollars and to this day I can not get them to release the hold. My bank helped me remove one transaction that actually put through on my card, this amount was over 1000 dollars . I had to do a charge back to get that charge removed.

:sigh My bank cannot do anything about the pending until contacts them by fax to remove the pending charge. The customer service for orders on line have lied to me several times stating that they will contact my bank to no avail.. Every time I contact to ask that those pending transaction be removed they tell me a different story. This has been a nightmare for me with hugh stress.

I cannot buy applicances that I need due to my credit card being tied up due to the pending charges.

So please think twice before using this company. Save yourself!


Monetary Loss: $2900.

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Houston, Texas, United States #747327

I agree that using this company for anything would be a serious mistake.

I don't know how they could sleep at night stealing customers money and then

not even returning calls. I am sure that someone knows something about this and is afraid to say anything.


Omg that sounds like a scam or something. I would hire a lawyer seriously they are stealing from you!

They can't do that and get away with it and from the sound of it they are winning.

Best of luck. Seriously look into a lawyer that is awful I would be furious.

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