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Recently while in Sears Waldorf store I was offered a Sears Card, no paper work and approved in one minute and I accepted, if it could be down in one minute. I never gave it another thought until it came in the mail. Well I go on the Sears online store and ordered a window AC Unit; this would turn out to be the worst day of my life with Sears.

After ordering the AC, I changed my mind and sent Sears an E-Mail, in plenty of time to cancel the order but it was not canceled. Now the fun starts, I was told I did not buy from Sears but a vender of Sears, look and from now on deal with vender for a refund when I buy from Sears I want it to be from Sears, I don't need Sears to find me a vender I can do that my self. Now if I continue with this crusade of being jerked around by this California vender I'll have about a $43.00 refund out of $141.54. I think this was a sleazy way of Sears to get away from handing refunds. Well as of now Order #253726154 is still setting in my garage and I guess will until I donate it to some cause or take it to Sears Waldorf store and throw it thru the window.. I have told every member of my family and anybody that will listen about my experience with Sears Credit Cards. I probably make a purchase at Sears one to two times a week; never will make a purchase at Sear again. If I live another 45yrs. I'll spend it telling people not to use Sears Credit Cards even if I have to set infront of Sears in Waldorf, at least everytime I'm in the neighborhood. I think that Sears made their name because of their refund policy and if I am right I'm not alone and other people are finding this out also.


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Subject Return #33454-74193

I requested an RMA after the A/C arrived and was told that I would receive it within 4 days by email, I'm stll waiting.

The A/C total was $141.54, 24.95 was shipping, return shipping and a 15% restocking fee doesn't seem worth it. I learned my lesson on online purchases. Never again.

Thanks for responding