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I purchased an electronic ePad online using who used a third party vendor with an expectation of delivery 6 days after purchase. Shipping cost were added because of this third party vendor.

My product was not delivered and it is 13 days since the order was placed and payment taken. I have contacted Sears customer service to cancel my order and get my money back. I have also contacted the third party vendor to gain resolution. Electronic Deals is not recieving calls and sending automated responses via email.

Sears was contacted 10+ times regarding this situation and continues to give me the same procedual answers and I was even told that it was not there responsibility to give me my money back. It is 2 days before Christmas and I have not received my money back nor do I have the product I ordered. No one is taking responsibility I have been ripped off and was told by Sears that cancelling an order is not possible according to the terms and conditions. Beware of working with Sears and third party vendors there is a great bureaucracy and an inability to gain resolution.

Merry Christmas, don't be fooled as I have.

It appears to be all about the money and not the satisfaction of a customer even when the customer has done everything they have asked for resolution.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

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Same issue just with a different 3rd party vendor. CTronics.....

Still back and forth with Sears on this issue and it has been a month now. Not a happy customer and will never order from Sears again...


Very similar issue, just a different third party vendor (Discount Posters, aka Posterazzi). All told, it's been two months, I've sent at least five emails and called at least five times.

Every time it's the same run-around, first that they are looking into it and I will hear back from someone soon (I don't), and then they are processing the refund and it should be there in X amount of time (it's not). The third party vendor's phone number leads to dead ends or disconnection, depending on which menu button you push, so that's obviously a sham. The other vendor also doesn't respond to emails, so at least Sears acknowledges that I'm complaining--they just can't seem to get their act together to adequately respond. I'm giving Sears one last chance, then I'm going to my bank to see if they can pull back the funds transferred to Sears.

If that doesn't work, I'm putting in a complaint to the state Attorney General. I did that once before and I saw results almost immediately.

No company likes to be contacted by an AG. (The last one was over a bigger, more expensive issue, though, so that's why I'm waiting and trying other avenues before I bother them with an under $100 problem).


@ lisa, i had to get ugly with sears online cs.

it took about two weeks to get my refund after getting the runaround and them having to wait on a reply from electronic dealz. I called everyday until they finally credited my account.

good luck.


Wow i had exactly the same issue. My email said it shipped on 12-14 i have yet to receive it and after countless calls and emails and it is january 3rd. Does anyone have any suggestions?


i have had the same issue happen, no refund because the item was shipped, and i was given a phony tracking number! sears should be held responsible for this i am going to let my lawyer handle it!


Fyi I also sent emails to the SVP of on Friday and a couple of his directr reports. No response from my emails.

Also is still on sears,.com.

You would think after the multiple complaints that are posted on this, vendor that they would remove it. I will advise if I ever hear back from the SVP of

Ps: I would of been okay if these roads were for me but they were for my kids,



I have the exact same issue with The representative at sears told me in a nice way the best thing to do was call my credit card company. Doing that today as I had go across town to find a kindle fire to just have something user the tree.

Very dissappointed in and the lack of responsibility

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