I have been trying to get my money back from this company since febuary 27 2013 regarding my online layaways. everytime i call customer service they tell me to wait 48hrs and i will receive my money and yet i am still waiting on particial refunds.

I paid my layaways off then i would get a email saying orders were cancelled on your end so i have been waiting for my refunds. i have called 3-2-13, 3-13-13, 3-25-13, 4-14-13. how many more times do i have to call?? i am owed $18.60 layaway#80022789, $26.54 80023235, $38.90 80027082, $40.75 80027296.

please help me get my money back. It is not fair that your company took my money but, yet do not want to give my money back to me.

I paid my layaways like i was supposed to and once paid in full your company was supposed to send my merchandise and i got nothing but an email from you saying sorry thier was an error and your layaway was cancelled. ok thats fine but,I WANT MY MONEY BACK THAT YOU WERE PAID!!!!

Monetary Loss: $125.

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