I put several items on layaway.When it was time to make my first payment I paid it promptly.

If I cancelled I was told it would be a fee. That was fine because I work a lot with no time to go to the stores and actually shop. When it was time for the next payment the computer would not accept it. I called and called no one seemed to be able to help me.

Ticket after ticket was put in no results. Finally three weeks later I was told I could not use my lap top that I must get to a desk top. Wow....considering the long hours I work as a nurse. Very frustrated I decided to cancel.

And not without paying the required fee. So Sears ripped me off!!

No where in small print did it inform me of the type of device I must use, it wasn't until one representive slipped up and told me.I lost a great deal of money canceling the three thousand dollar worth of items I had on layaway.

Monetary Loss: $150.


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