Indianapolis, Indiana

Noone ever works at Sears or so it seems. I submitted the details of my business ( Lovely Intimates, Inc) and requested for approval of online sales program - 'Sears on Sears' for a month.

The date I registred is 08/01/2011. I contacted Sears seller support on 08/04/2011 and said that I am not interested in working with them since it was taking them so long to approve. Again on 08/09/2011 I requested the account to be reactivated. Not a word from the seller support team yet.

I even tried talking to the executive support and he was trying to be helpful. The problem is, within Sears they don't seem to know of what goes on.

I am surprised Sears is still in business. Is there noone to be contacted to get the job done.

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Yes - I am having the same experience. I sell on Amazon, Buy, Ebay, Shopping, PriceGrabber, etc.

and have had no difficulty with account set up of feed uploading.

Clearly SEARS has no interest in adding new merchants.


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