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I want to start by saying I don't consider myself overly picky with customer service. I get that big companies sometimes can't cater to the individual needs of everyone all the time. With that being said... I have never had worse service then with a recent order with Sears.

The story:

On December 12th, 2015 I went to a local Sears store looking for an Amazon Echo. I was told they weren't in store but that I could order it through them online. I paid for the item in store and was told it was to be shipped. Dec 14th (2 days later) I receive a confirmation email that my item has been shipped. All good right? I wish. I wait 6 days and get nothing. When I go to check online the tracking for the item is still in the first phase "Order Processed: Ready for UPS". OK now we're 5 days from Christmas and I'm starting to get nervous. I chat with Sears online support. They say don't worry about it and that they'll look into it. They suggest that UPS has not updated the status but that they shipped Dec 14th. I call UPS and they point the finger back at Sears saying they never received the item. OK... not cool but I'll wait to see if the issue resolves itself. 24 hours pass and there's nothing. Now I'm starting to get even more nervous. This item is my main gift for my parents. Here is the transcript for my 2nd support chat:

Chat transcriptSteve G (19:08:44 GMT) : Good Afternoon, how can I assist you today?

Visitor (19:09:10 GMT) : Hello Steve.. I purchased an item in store to be shipped to my house back on Dec 12th

Visitor (19:09:19 GMT) : On December 14th I got an email saying it was shipped

Visitor (19:09:36 GMT) : However when I go to tracking it has yet to move from the Processing portion

Visitor (19:09:48 GMT) : and now I'm close to Christmas without any information on this item

Visitor (19:09:56 GMT) : my item number is 964762012

Steve G (19:10:00 GMT) : I am really sorry to know that.

Steve G (19:10:07 GMT) : I will definitely look into that for you.

Steve G (19:10:22 GMT) : Allow me few moments to check the order details.

Visitor (19:10:31 GMT) : My tracking number is 1Z82419W0300107216.

Visitor (19:10:39 GMT) : Thank you

Visitor (19:11:25 GMT) : Just another note.. I have done one of these chats earlier today. The Sears Rep said it was sent. I then contacted UPS.. they said they never got the item to ship. So there is Sears saying it's UPS's fault and UPS saying it's Sears. I would just like my item to wrap for Christmas

Steve G (19:12:03 GMT) : I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

Visitor (19:13:30 GMT) : Thank you... I would just like some confirmation that something is being done. Everyone seems to be giving me the run around. I understand things get lost but if so I need to plan with the holiday coming

Steve G (19:14:11 GMT) : Only label has been created for your order and the item has not been shipped from us however as I see the previous rep has already escalated your order with our specialized research team and they will research on it and you will get response from them within 24 hours for the tracking update on your order.

Steve G (19:14:34 GMT) : And I assure you that you will definitely get your order before christmas.

Visitor (19:14:39 GMT) : OK that is good to know.. So you're sure someone is looking into it?

Steve G (19:15:30 GMT) : Yes, and to make sure I have escalated this order again so the team will follow up on your order and you will receive your order before christmas.

Visitor (19:15:46 GMT) : Great news. Thanks Steve for your help.

Steve G (19:16:03 GMT) : You are welcome and it was pleasure assisting you.

Visitor (19:16:10 GMT) : Have a good day

OK so Steve G from Sears seems legit. Calming responses and pretty assuring right? There's no way another 24 hours will go by and nothing. Steve said I would get a response within 24 hours. We are now into Dec 23rd now and no one has any answers. I contacted Sears again and got nothing. Just that I need to be patient. I find this difficult when I ordered the item Dec 12th-- over 10 days ago!

I have never felt so helpless and frustrated with a company in my whole life. I almost feel like I'm getting pranked by a hidden camera TV show with how they are treating my issue. They couldn't care less. By some miracle I get my item by tomorrow maybe I'll shop at Sears sometime again but as of now I wouldn't recommend them to my worst enemy.

If anyone has other places I can post this please let me know.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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ive had a nightmare experience also here in Dec 2016 with ordering online. I made a purchase and within 5 minutes tried to cancel it and they refused saying it had shipped already...this is a garage door opener and installation ordered online on a Saturday.

was put on hold for over 1 hour. I hadnt even received a confirmation email of the purchase yet...someone there had realized that i was trying to cancel and put a rush on it.. wasnt supose to be delivered for 7 to 10 days but now suddenly theyre trying to deliver it on tuesday...Thank goodness for UPS..they refused to pick it up from lets see how long before i get my money back. Never use searsonline....i felt like i was in the middle of a scam.

when i tried to reach someone in corporate i was hung up on. wonder they are going under.

Custermer service doesnt exist with them any longer.. good bye sears and kmart....


with all this evidence of poor customer service WHY ARE THEY STLL IN BUSINESS!!!! They have $1000 of my money, delivered the wrong item, took it back and I was told to "wait 72 hours for a phone call " to figure out when they can deliver the correct product! THIEVES!


I'm sorry for your MIA order. All is telling me that it's not in stock within 50 miles, of Farmington, Connecticut, and that it's a different item #.

IT might have gotten lost in shipping between the store to UPS, or the store that it got ordered from was back logged with orders. In any case, I would call your local store, and they might be able to refund you/or find out more information that I, as an off the clock associate, don't have access to.

Again, I apologize for your inconvenience!


Sears & Kmart.......ripoffs!