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Sears owes me one "00939118000P". I placed my order on Black friday #600556159 and have yet to receive one part.

Upon opening my item I realized there had been a mistake. I used sears.com to find no way of reporting a problem. Finally I sent an email to customer service. Then did a chat session with CS India.

Fun. They assured me I would here something in 2 days. %days later nothing. Then I call customer service which I can't understand.

Do you "sears" think that outsourcing is the best way to provide customer service to the U.S. ??? The mess up is easy to identify if two items combined weight equals almost a hundred pounds and I receive one item that weighs 54lbs then one item is missing. Sears ***'t that as order received.

What? The box says 1 of 1 items. it should be 1 of 2 items. Or two of two items.

My totla order weight should have been close to 100lbs not 54lbs. Customer service keeps saying the are tracking it. You can' t track an item that you didn't ship. Come on people.

Elementary math. Pull up the shipping invoice. What does the weight say? what should the weight be?

Ta dahhhhh! Something is not adding up. What could it be? This is unbelievable.

Really? Ok so now I finally get two different Americans. Beth #251095 and Shana #402312. They promise an email in 2 more days.

Wow! So my question is this… "Sears" Do you really not care???

Now dealing with Executive offices 1-888-572-8119 Raqueal ext.# 20 but still no where. No return phone call or email.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Palos Hills, Illinois, United States #807583

Another good reason why we stopped shopping at Sears. They lost a sale due to the fact the manager refused to wave the $50 delivery fee on an appliance we were looking at.

We found the exact same thing at Home Depot and not only did they give us free shipping, but a huge discount after we explained how ignorant Sears employees were, not to mention they had no idea what products they were selling.

They kept looking up our questions online. I could do that too.


Whatever happened? Did you get the correct items, and missing ones?

Are you supreised it was the worng item, AND, the rest are not delivered?

If they siimply responded that they were out of stock, you would have canceled the order and went elsewhere.

By sending you only 1 item, and the wrong item, they have your money!

I stay away from Black Friday online ordering. and never buy online ship to store!

Sears Response


We apologize for the lack of direct contact with your case manager. We will forward this post to their attention.

Thank you,

Kurt M.

Social Media Moderator

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