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We are rebuilding Sears Holdings' culture with an acute focus on creating "wow" experiences for our Members and

putting Members First. We will embrace feedback at every point where a Member comes in contact with the

company. We know we do many things well. We are going to be proactive in reaching out to those who have great

experiences with us and rewarding them for letting us know and for allowing us to publicize them.

Having said that, we realize that one bad experience has the potential to impact hundreds, if not thousands, of our

Members. If we interact (not just transact) with Members one billion times per year and99% of those interactions are

good ones, that still leaves 10 million interactions thatare disappointing. In almost any business, 99% positive against

1% negative would be an outstanding achievement. But, in today's world of social media, and given our size, 10

million negative interactions translate into 30,000 per day. That's just staggering. This makes us an easy target for

those seeking negative things to publicize.

We want our reputation for providing great service back and we intend to earn it. Our associates are embracing the

idea that we want to know who our Members are, that we want to serve them well and that we want to know how

we're doing every day. This means that we will use technology and training to encourage and embrace feedback to

improve and make it much more transparent to everyone, thereby increasing accountability at the store and associate

level. We know we won't get everything right, but we expect to fix things when we do things wrong and get more

things right day after day. Increasing transparency, both internally and externally, through digital tools can be very

powerful. This letter includes suggestions from associates at all levels, which I solicited through our internal enterprise

social network.

I am sure you recognize this as an excerpt from your Shareholders Letter dated 2/28/2013. These words

fall far short of any actions that I have recently experienced. It has been so bad that I have exhausted all

know you have better things to do. The following is my .

I have been a loyal Sears customer (member) with multiple Kenmore/Craftsmen items in my household.

July 6th 2013: Visited the Moorestown, NJ store and ordered a refrigerator, slide in electric range,

microwave and dishwasher. This amounted to almost $6000.00 worth of appliances. I took out an

extended warranty for the refrigerator as that was the one item most likely to have issues. I also paid

for installation of the range, microwave and dishwasher. Set up a delivery for Monday July 22nd . I

would be taking a day off from work to get this done.

July 19th compactor would not be in on time and the delivery

would need to be rescheduled. I did not order a compactor.

July 19th : Called salesperson at store and told him about the message. He could not understand why I

would have received it and confirmed that everything was in and due to be delivered on Monday.

July 20th

Monday. I received no message or call about the range, microwave or dishwasher.

July 22nd : At around 12:15 (outside my 2 hour delivery window) my refrigerator was delivered. It

turned out to be too large. The delivery man said it was no big deal, the cabinets could be shaved down

(happens all the time). I also pointed out that the doors to the refrigerator were not aligned. He told


July 22nd no range. They installed

the microwave, and while that was being done we were trying to find out why the range was not on the

truck. There were no answers, only someone trying to get me to reschedule a delivery of the range. I

evening (after 6). I was told yes. The woman then went on to confirm an appointment for Wednesday,

July 24th between 1 and 3 pm. I told her that we just finished talking about this and that I needed it to

were almost half of what I paid for the dishwasher. I told them schedule it and leave the dishwasher.

They then left.

July 23rd : Had the dishwasher installed myself. It took about 45 minutes and cost me only $100.00

department and notified them that I would not need a plumber and to just install the range.

July 23rd : Received a call in the evening confirming the delivery of the range on Wednesday. The

women said the window was between 12 and 3pm. I again told her that the arrangements were that it

July 24th : Received a call at 3:00 pm from the installer. He was 10 minutes out from my house. I told

him he was supposed to be there between 6 and 8 pm. He said I was the last delivery of the day for

installation department and spoke to a Johnathan Sone. I explained the situation to him. Everyone is so

with his attitude and explained that I could not *** from work again. I have been inconvenienced

supervisor and he told me he was the one in charge. Basically it was his way or no way. He was

extremely arrogant.

July 24th : Went to the store in the evening to pick out a new refrigerator. I settled on one. My

salesperson was kind enough to make sure I got the sale price for the refrigerator I picked out from the

sale that was going on when all the other appliances were purchased. I told the salesperson that I did

not want FSA in my house anymore. I asked him to have the range delivered along with the refrigerator

exchange done on Saturday. I would install the range. He said no problem.

July 25th : (not too sure of this date) I received a call from the credit department about the exchange.

She informed me that they were able to make most of the adjustments and that I would only have to

pay an additional $23.00 and some change. I asked her why I would have to pay anything on a

refrigerator that was $500.00 less than the one I was returning. She said that was the price of the

refrigerator. I told her my salesperson gave me a price of $1776.00 and she said that was not possible. I

asked her to call my salesperson while I stayed on the phone. After a few (10 min) she came back and

told me that she spoke to my salesperson and that was not what he said. She told me that he said it

schedule I told her to keep the delivery on the books. I then called my salesperson and asked him what


July 26th: Tried to speak with a store manager at Moorestown. I had to explain my situation to multiple

persons. One that stands out in my mind was a gentlemen (at the store) who told me that Sears could

not be responsible for what happens to the appliances once they leave the warehouse (referring to FSA).

I could not believe what I was hearing. Sears needs to feel warm and fuzzy with anyone associated with

getting a product (especially one that has a Kenmore Elite name on it). Whoever they contract out to is

representing them! FSA fails miserably here. I was not able to get to a store manager, but was told

July 26th compactor delivery has been delayed

and that it would be delivered on Saturday. ???? I called the delivery department and told them about

this message. They confirmed that there was a delivery scheduled for Saturday but she kept telling me

refrigerator pickup but could not confirm the exchange. I told her I was concerned and she said when

they call tonight with the window they will confirm everything. That evening I received an

question or confirm anything.

July 27th

I told them yes, but I want them out. She tells me that I will have to call the installer. I stopped her and

Sears would need to arrange getting the appliances out of my house and I wanted it done immediately. I

told her I would not be paying for anything either.

aggravation this has put me through. The strain it has caused between me and my wife.

I have but one question for you Mr. Lampert.

What the *** has happened to Sears???

As of now I am still waiting to hear about getting the appliances out of my house. For some

By the way, today is July 29th...I just received a phone call from Sears. They want to reschedule

the delivery of my Gas Range. Are you kidding me???


Charles Goldberg

20 Acorn Hill Drive

Voorhees, NJ 08043

609-760-8242 (cell)

Original review posted by user Aug 07, 2013

Attached is an open letter to Edward S. Lampert CEO of Sears Holdings. Somehow, someway...I hope this letter reaches his desk. The letter is four (4) pages long and it doesn't even cover everything that I have experienced with this situation. I am embarrassed that I am a consumer (member) of Sears...but I would be LIVID if I was a shareholder. Over 2000 complaints can't be all anyone listening???

It appears I cannot upload this PDF file. If you are interested please send me your email address and I will forward a copy.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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About 30 Days ago my $3,300.00 Kenmore refrigerator, about 2 years old, stopped functioning, both the freezer and refrigerator, lost all our food and had to wait 7 days for the first service call. The technician came out and said it was the main control board (mother board) and he replaced it on the spot.

The refrigerator never cooled down and so again i called for service and he came out again, this time in 1 or 2 days, I forget. Same technician now diagnosed a bad compressor and liquid line drier. The parts were ordered, delivered to my home and installed 5-1-15. I waited for 48 hours to put food into it which was Sunday after 3:00pm.

No again on 5-7-15 the refrigerator has gone bad again, lost all my food AGAIN. Already have a claim for $250 for the first time. Do I get $250 again as I lost all my food again? My next appointment is now for Monday 5-11-15.

Until such time, my family will have to eat out every day 3 meals a day, not cheap. I do have a warranty protection in place from Sears. I would think at this point a new refrigerator would be offered, I do not trust this one anymore, but the papers say I have to have four breakdowns in a one year period. How ridiculous is this?

i am in the HVAC industry and know that all the major components of the refrigerator have been replaced at this point and if that would happen in my business, we would not hesitate to offer a replacement over throwing money out the door by keeping trying to repair it. I am getting nowhere fast on the phone with both service appointments and customer solutions. Someone at Sears Corporation is authorized to allow me a replacement refrigerator and I would like this to become reality. I am also having to take copious amounts of time off work, losing thousands of dollars of salary.

What happened to Sears customer service?

I can't believe with the costs of overhead, workers compensation insurance and labor costs that this is cost efficient in any way, I know, I deal with this on a daily basis. It's no wonder that Sears is heading for the scrap pile.

I look forward to your response and my replacement refrigerator.

Best regards,

Tom Jellinek


I would like to know WHY no one can get in contact with Lambert?

Do you think perhaps he doesn't want to be bothered with trivial stuff like unhappy customers? No one cares and especially the CEO. NERTZ to these "Sears Cares"

Reps. I kind of wonder how they all sleep at night knowing what they know behind the scenes. It won't be long before this unrest with customers spreads like a virus and the company goes down. It used to be a great place to buy things for home and family.



I have been a loyal Sears customer (member) for years and have had with multiple products in my household with extended warranty. :sigh I purchase a Nikon CoolPx digital camera around $114.00.

When I first purchase this camera, they told me if was broken and they couldn't fix it, they would replace it with another camera or a comparable camera. However, when I took the camera back to Sears because the battery door/latch was broken, they said they would have to send it off for repairs. They send it back to me repaired but the same thing happen again. I called salesperson at store and told him about the same problem they gave me a toll free number to call and register the problem.

I was sent to several departments and finally I got a customer service represented who said they would sent me a box with instructions to send the camera to their Repair Unit and if they couldn't fix it I would get a coupon to replace the camera. It was a little over a month and I got the camera back but the latch was not fixed and no coupon in the mail. I called and register a complaint and I asked for the CEO of Sears, and the associate gave his name Edward Lampert and his address. I later called and said I wanted to be reimbursed my money back for a warranty that I purchased with Sears, but the associate said that it would be prorated and I would only get $9 back.

I was really upset and I said send me back to the department and I will have them to fix it, I found out thru the our conversation that a product has to be sent back 4 times before they will replace it with a coupon. I asked why didn't they say that up front or I would never gotten the warranty in the first place. I send me back to the repair department and repair associate said that the camera was customer abuse and they couldn't do anything for me. I told him my latch wasn't broken that it doesn't close with my battery or camera card it pops open.

I told him I will never purchase a warranty with Sears again and I will be sending this camera to the CEO because my camera is not scratch or damaged in anyway.

I cant believe the customer at Sears, Roebuck and Company is so lousy. and that I will be telling my friends and family of my horrible experience.

Sears Response

Dear Charles Goldberg,

My name is Brian and I am part of the Sears Social Media Escalations team. We are truly sorry to learn of all the trouble that you have encountered since making your appliance purchases with us. With all the different setbacks you have faced, it is easy to understand why this situation has become so frustrating for you. We’d like the opportunity to discuss the concerns you have brought to our attention, and see what we can do at this time to make this right by you. Thank you for providing good contact information in your post, we have already forwarded this to our Sears Cares team for attention. A case manager should be in contact with you regarding this situation within 24 hours. Thank you for your patience, and we do look forward to speaking with you soon!

Thank you,

Brian S.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support

@Sears Response

I had same response from a Brenda who told me I would get a 25.00 gift card for my troubles with the service done to my *** wacker but the email said it was 2nd time they contacted me so I needed to respond or they would assume issue was resolved but it was not thanks for the follow up. Shame on Sears long time customer no more Bob H.