To Whom it may concern,

I have sent the below to searscares@***.com last Friday and have had no response after almost a week. I spoke to a Sears Rep last night and was given this email address to try.

Please read below and respond. Thanks!

On February 5th of last year I purchased a Kenmore refrigerator from Sears.com. A week after it being installed, the bottom ice maker stopped working. It wasnt a huge deal because the upper ice dispenser was still producing ice.

I cannot remember the exact month but I believe it was early May when the upper ice maker quit and we had to start buying our own ice. I called and scheduled a repair appointment around that time. Once the repair person troubleshot it, he said he needed to order parts that would be delivered to me and that I would need to call for an appointment once received.

Several weeks went by and no parts showed up. I called Sears again and asked them to check on the parts.

I was told they were back ordered and the Rep. acted as if he could get to the bottom of it and perhaps get the parts elsewhere. He advised me that he would call me back but never did. I waited another several weeks and still no parts or call back.

When I finally got a chance to call Sears again and wait an hour and a half (like I did on the previous call), I was told the parts were still on back order. At that point I had been without ice for over three months and the Rep confirmed that. I told the Rep that I would just assume Sears replacing the entire refrigerator. The Rep agreed and put the request in.

I was told I would get a call back if the request was approved. I never did

After another month or so I attempted many times to call and at times, I waited hours for someone to answer. Several calls just disconnected while I was waiting. When I finally was able to get ahold of someone, I was told the replacement was approved (approval # 8107-42****80).

I was also told due to a hacking from overseas the Sears system was down at that time. I was advised to go to Sears.com and pick out at least two refrigerator models and call back in a couple of weeks and let them know what the models are. I selected two models one that was about $1,050 more as my first choice ( LG Model: LSXC22486D) and about $800 more as my second choice (LG Model: LSXS26366D). I will pay the additional cost.

After multiple attempts trying to contact Sears in the following weeks, I finally did and gave the Rep. my choices. I also tried to pay the difference over the phone but was told they were on an un-secured line and that someone will contact me in as little as 24 hours. Two or three weeks went by AND NO ONE HAS CONTACTED ME.

I then started calling and would have to wait 2 3 hours just to talk to someone.

I was ping ponged in the following weeks back and forth to different departments, hung up on twice and no one can give me the correct department or information I need to pay the difference. Last week after a 2 hour hold, I spoke to a Rep. that said Sears cannot do this and I need to contact Kenmore. This is just ridiculous!!!

I have probably spent at least 15 hours of my time waiting to speak to someone so I can pay Sears and finally get a working refrigerator.

The factory warranty is up February 5th and I need answers. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE HELP!

Thank you,

User's recommendation: Don’t buy anything through Sears!

Location: Houston, Texas

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