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I ordered a gold locket that was on sale at SEARS in Crabtree mall Raleigh NC online on a Wednesday . They said the locket was in stock and I could pick it up in 2 HRS.

When I went to pick it up they didn't know what I was talking about. I went back to work. The next day,Thursday, I got a email saying that the locket was out of stock and the money would be refunded to my card in 3 to 5 days. The problem is, I needed the locket for a gift the day after I ordered it So I call the customer service line pissed.

They apologized emptily and offered me 10% off if I ordered it online. I was ordering this for a very VERY special lady in my life that was leaving for NY on Friday! I agreed, even though she wouldn't have it on the day she left, I would send it to her to receive when she was there. He GUARANTEED it would arrive on Wednesday of next week.

I said ok and my order was processed and my card was charged again! at 12am Sunday 2 hrs ago I decided to pay my rent and other bills online. I checked my email and noticed 2 Cancellations from SEARS. Apparently the one I ordered on the phone with the representative was cancelled SATURDAY!

I immediately called customer service but they were closed. I used the chat line and talked to someone name Murry that was very helpful and told me that both were cancelled. There was nothing more he could do and Im calling back tomorrow. I have paid for 2 lockets both of which were cancelled after they were guaranteed to be in stock.

after 10% discount which it nothing. I HAVE NO GIFT AND I LOOK LIKE AN ***!!!!!! I politely thanked the person on chat and I will be calling them tomorrow morning as soon as they open.

I want a comparable product to the one I was promised and I want it tomorrow. this will be the last time I buy from their stores if they do not get this right.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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