Swampscott, Massachusetts

I bought a freezer a week ago and promptly filled it with $200 worth of food. When I checked a day later the food had thawed!

I called Sears and they sent a repair man who said it couldn't be repaired. Now, Sears want ME to return it in order to get a replacement because I originally picked it up myself.

They keep repeating that they will replace it....woohoo...imagine that, they're willing to replace a one week-old freezer that destroyed $200 worth of food....but only if I bring the lemon back myself! No thanks!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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Coldwater here again. After I posted my last comment the tech called and said they would install first thing in the morning (8:30AM).

He said the 269.99 installation charge may have to increase if new couplings are needed and a drain pan. He said some installation pkgs run 395 to include same. He said it has to be able to pass inspection. I told him the Sears tank that I have had without any problem for 12 years passed inspection in 2002, and codes here were the same as far as I know, and as far as on-line rep knew since he said he checked Ohio code when I ordered it.

2 Couplings cost about an additional 35.00 each, the tech said. The new pan then, it seems, if needed would cost 50.00 since when they are included in 395 install pkg, but I guess I was quoted and charged the more optimistic charge which sometimes is sufficient. By the way, the fine print on receipt does say there could be additional installation charges. So it is, what it is, or what it will be, I guess.

The guy who called from the truck was polite and said, would it be ok if we install your heater first thing tomorrow. I suppose I could have insisted they install it tonight, but I think I did the right and considerate thing. And after probably much needed rest, I may well get a better installation. I'll post the installation charge tomorrow after installation.

Hopefully it will not be more than I already paid, but it seems it could be 120 more. Any more than that, and I'll be ready to complain, for what it's worth, for sure.


This is why I won't buy anything from Sears. You probably received a "reconditioned" unit instead of a new one.

They did that with HP computers in the 90s and got caught.

I just bought a new mattress from them and you can see where the prior owners wore it down. It is definitely not a new mattress and they are picking it up next Friday.


Looks like "so sad" is off her meds again. Time to have mommy feed you and then burp the wee one.

If all else fails, you can file a claim with your homeowners insurance for the food. problem with that is you run the risk of increasing your premiums and then with some insurance companies, you are only allowed three claims, then they drop you like a stone.

Best to do what retired manager says. Is "so sad" any better now that mommy cuddled her???


Don't pay any attention to So sad, he is probuly one of those do nothing *** that Sears employees now,that one of the problems Sears/Kmart has.Not for long, when they go out of business,that trash will be unemployeed.Call the store you purchased it from,they will file a food claim for you with the manufacher of the unit and you will get your food loss back, also tell the store you wont them to pick it up or you will put it by the street with a sign, just bought at Sears,its junk and tell them your going to call the local news station so they can take pictures.


YOU picked it up because you were probably to cheap to pay to have it delivered. Now you want them to pick it up? YOU picked it up now YOU can bring it back.