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Update by user Mar 28, 2016

Yes - The Customer Solutions Center and the Direct Parts Division are the absolute worst I've ever encountered in my life. They pass the blame around, bounce you from department to department. They lie about service agreements, I have no clue how Sears is still in business, absolutely no clue!!!!!!

Original review posted by user Mar 25, 2016

I called Sears on November 28, 2015, to find out how to deal with a problem we had with our Kenmore Elite Gas Dryer. After I had been on hold for several minutes, during my initial call, I confirmed the error code on the dryer was ‘F01’ to Sears representative Grisela. I was told the root cause was a circuit board. However, the Kenmore Elite model dryer I own apparently had 2 circuit boards, therefore one or both could be the root cause. I had to explain my problem several times because the representative did not seem to be

listening and therefore asked me the same questions repeatedly. I was placed on hold for several minutes; the representative then returned and explained the cost of the parts would be $435.98 plus a service fee of $79 for the Sears technician to come on site.

Needless to say, I was quite frustrated. My family needed the problem resolved as soon as possible. Even though I could purchase a new dryer for less than the parts, we could not confirm which part was the root cause, and from a cost perspective, if it was only one

part that was failing, it made sense to move forward. To make the process run efficiently, I agreed to order all the parts and return any parts AFTER the technician tested both circuit boards and confirmed only one circuit board was the issue. The representative told

me I could return any nonused parts via the Sears Direct Parts website. The representative set up service order # 42346862 (order # E581629) and verbally confirmed both parts would arrive by Thursday December 3, 2015. This did not happen.

Only one part arrived by Thursday (Part # W10339957) (UPS Tracking # 1Z63V4670346409600). The second part (Part # W10110646R), which was also sent via UPS (Tracking number # 1ZA356X7YW19454747), was inexplicably shipped to the local US Post Office in Stoneham,MA. I discovered this after first calling the Sears Parts Division again; who wanted to move the appointment and not explain why the part hadn’t arrived! I took it upon myself to

contact UPS, where they told me the ‘sender’ (Sears) requested the part be shipped to the local Post Office? Unreal!!!! By the time I figured all this out, it was Friday at 5:30PM EST December 4, 2015 and the post office was closed! The appointment for the Sears service technician to arrive was set for December 5, 2015

between 8am12pm EST (order number 000767042346862). So I did not have all the parts ready for the technician for his arrival by Thursday as stated by YOUR employee! The following morning of December 5, 2015 the Sears service technician Carmen called

me and said he would be at my house by 8:30am. I explained to him that this would not work because I did not have the other part and was counting on the post office to deliver it before his arrival. We agreed to come to move the appointment to 10am EST. Again,

on my own initiative, I went to the post office and begged them to find the part, miraculously they did. I returned home with the part and was prepared for the Sears technician to perform his job, test the circuit boards and replace the appropriate one. The Sears technician (Carmen) did not show up at my home until 11:30am EST after the agreed upon time of 10am EST. I was too upset and did not ask why he was an hour and half late. I escorted the Sears technician (Carmen) to the dryer where the boxes of the parts were and allowed him to perform his job. Within less than 10 minutes he called me back downstairs to inform me none of the parts shipped were correct!!!!!!!!! On top of that, the box of parts I picked up at the post office had two parts in the box! One was a duplicate of the shipment from Thursday (Part # W10339957). The other part shipped (Part # W10110646R) was completely wrong and had no chance of fitting in the dryer! Unreal, absolutely unreal!!!!! The Sears service technician Carmen informed me the correct part number is W10141671. It would cost me $361.22! Additionally I had to pay him $79 to come to my house to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING except tell me all the parts YOUR Sears parts division ordered were wrong! Absolutely amazingly awful service with any perspective

you choose to take! The Sears service technician (Carmen) was not to blame. I fairly paid him his fee of $79 and told him I would be filing a complaint with Sears, and that the entire processprocedure made him look like an incompetent employee because YOUR parts

division did not do their job correctly! They placed him in a position of failure! After the Sears service technician left, I called Sears Solutions Center to explain my absolute utter frustration over this entire ordeal. I spoke with a representative Linda at 12:32pm EST December 5, 2015 in the Sears Customer Care Division. She could not help me other than send me to Customer Solutions Center. So I called and spoke with John at 12:37pm EST on December 5, 2015, who set up complaint number #0007674238862. He told me within 24 hours I would receive a call from Sears Customer Solutions. It never happened. Plus the number he gave me (888) 2361885

was a nonworking number! I waited long enough and this afternoon December 8, 2015 called YOUR Customer Service Solutions center to find out why no one has called me about any of this. Some manager answered and told me it takes 48 to 72 hours to receive a response! Hilarious! One Sears Solution Center representative tells me 24 hours, the other Sears Solution Center Manager tells me up to 72 hours. Unreal! The Manager refused to concede to refund the $79 dollars for what I have been through! For the technician to come out to my house, open boxes and tell me all the parts are wrong, that I have to then return, possibly order another part that would cost more than a new dryer, then pay him $79 for his time! You can’t make this stuff up! It’s beyond pitiful what Sears has put me

through! I am appalled after this absolute atrocious service I’ve gone through, that took time away from my job and family responsibilities to have one circuit board in a dryer replaced that

according to a YouTube video takes 10 minutes to replace!!!!!!! I expected a much higher level of service from Sears, and I am beyond disappointed. I am on the *** of filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of Massachusetts. Because I did not want to spend any more time on the problem, and my family needed a functioning dryer, I returned the parts immediately and set up a temporary replacement dryer with the help of a family friend. At a minimum I expect a full refund of the $79 or a 50% discount on a gas dryer of my choice through Sears if you want to ever keep me as a returning customer. I will be informing my friends, family, coworkers, blog forums, all forms of social media about

this experience, YOU CAN COUNT ON THAT!

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: At a minimum I expect a full refund of the $79 or a 50% discount on a gas dryer of my choice through Sears if you want to ever keep me as a returning customer..

I didn't like: Sears parts direct division, Customer service solutions division.

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