Fort Walton Beach, Florida
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I tried to get a part for an air ratchet and found that the part was not available in the store. So I went online to order it.

The part 81015215 list for 3.99. The shipping was 7.99. I call the parts cented in Tucker, Ga. to pick one up therte.

They said they did not have it and the only way I could get the part was to order it online and pay the exhorbitant sipping and handling charges.

Just another reason to buy elsewhere where parts are available on a walk-in basis. I have been avoiding

Sears for several years...this is only confirmation that I made a good decision.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Sears is not the only place to get parts for tools and such. However, the shipping from most places will sometimes cost as much as the item you are ordering.

I just ordered three small springs for a B&S small engine and the springs cost $11.00 and the shipping was $7.50. But, I ordered them because I spent alot of time trying to find them both in stores and online and I needed them. If you know the part number, you can just plug that number into your search engine and find a place that sells it. Alot of places are out there so if you have some time, you can eliminate those that charge an arm and a leg for shipping, etc.

I now order all my John Deere tractor parts online.

Even with shipping it costs much less for blades, oil filters, etc., than if I go to the store here in town. As for Sears, I too have avoided it like the plague for at least 15 years now due to the lack of customer service and the lack of product knowledge of the salespeople.