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this matter is not resolved nor will they listen i make the payment and it is credited to the account and then they take half for interest who does that at this rate i will never be able to pay them off i have suggested they turn me into the credit co and then i can make a reasonable payment they will not do that the other options are do a charge off i will still make payments but it will be charged off i have said i am keeping a record of what is owed how much i pay and what the balance reqardess of what they said when according to my record it is paid i will not pay anymore this is stupid who takes half of your payment for interest i have paid on time or before and everytime they take it for interest i tryed even paying a little more they told me the only way to advoid it is to pay the account in full no one can do that the reason you apply for credit is so you can make monthly payment not pay the account in full the next month

Original review posted by user Oct 25, 2018

i sumitted a complaint to better business when i was under the impression was solved a few month ago had to cancel the card when i had made payment to 248 when days later 150 was taken which they said was interest no way i was paying early and more then the amount fine that was resolved so now i made the payment to the address i was told a amount of 61 it was posted as paid then a few days later half of my payment was taken for what they said was interest that is stupid i have never heard of a co that when you make a payment they take half of it for interest i am tired of going back and forth and my question is never answer they give me the run around saying of upaid balances a interest is changed not half of the payment that is suppose to go to paying the balance down with this rate which is what they want i will never pay it down i know someone that has a walmart and everytime she makes the payment it goes to the balance not half on interest i have never heard of this thinking about going back to better business agiain and filing new complaint

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Sears Pros: Credit was easly given.

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