Medford, Oregon

In November 2010, I purchased a Kenmore refrigerator and diswasher from Sears. I did not purchase an extended warranty, as in my experience these plans are usually scams, and you don't get any extra service beyond the original warranty.

The refrigerator was manufactured in June 2010. One would expect even with rough use a refrigerator would last more than 3 years. In June 2013, a small internal piece of plastic broke inside the housing unit that contains the ice and water dispenser. This caused the flapper door to fall off of the ice dispenser and thus it did not work, not to mention I now have a 3" hole directly from the outside air into the freezer.

When I tried to purchase the part I needed to repair, I was told that the part is no longer available. So basically, their only resolution was to replace the entire door - all at my expense. When I complained that this hardly seemed fair considering the age of the unit, I was transferred to multiple departments, treated very poorly and most often a cold transfer to the next person, causing me to have to repeat my story about 6 times. Very poor customer service in and of itself.

When I tried to contact their CEO at the corporate headquarters, I again was transferred to another problem resolution line. After 3 days I received a call back from the "executive headquarters" and basically told me the same thing as all the other people. Not their problem, too bad, it would cost me $699.00 to purchase a new door to fix what ultimately amounts to a design flaw in the unit. I was willing to pay a pro-rated amount for the door, based on the amount of years that I had into the unit, but was told they "could not" do that, the most I could get was a 20% discount.

That is not acceptable to me. Over the years I have purchased a number of home appliances and tools from Sears. After this experience, I will no longer be setting foot into a Sears or K-Mart. They will lose much more revenue off of me over the rest of my lifetime than they would have spent to fix the refrigerator.

I work for a major energy company and often refer my customers to Sears for home appliance purchases. You can bet that I will no longer be doing this either. So, to wrap it up. Sears no longer stands behind their brand and their customer service MO is to frustrate you so badly that you give up.

Don't purchase from Sears!

Buy from a local business, you will get much better service.

Monetary Loss: $699.

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