I contacted the Sears Holding Corporation to ask a few questions regarding CPI (owner of Sears Potrait Studio) that closed within the last month. Before I could even ask a questions the young lady that answer the phone immediately transferred me to the customer service center.

I called back again and she yelled the customer service center will handle your complaint. I called back again and she did not even answer the phone, she transferred me to the customer service line again. I continued to call and spoke with a different lady that answered the corporate office and she yelled and hung up the phone. I called back again and no one answered.

I'm not even able to make an "Executive Complaint" on the two ladies that answered the corporate office line.I have never experienced this level of service from a corporate office on any other Sears associate. No one seems to know how or when pictures will be received and are not concerned about refunds for pictures that were paid for. I am disappointed in the level of service and accomodations Sears has provided to its customers during the filing of bankruptcy by CPI.I took pictures on March 31 of my 3-month old son and were told the pictures would be back in 3 weeks. I wasn't even contacted or notified by Sears that CPI closed and I may or may not receive my photos.

A promotional email was sent to my sister advising the studio will be closed. I thought this was very inconsiderate of Sears to not contact all of its customer service to advise them of the sudden closing of their portrait studios.As of now, the studio has not received my pictures and has no further information to provide me.

I lost memories of my 3-month old son, the money paid for the pictures and the level of satisfaction with Sears. I am a Sears rewards member but I guess this means nothing to them.Sincerely, Dissatisfied Customer

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