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Six months ago, we purchased a Kenmore Elite dishwasher. It was the best based on Consumer Reports (I had horrible experience with Samsung, so we were relying on Consumer Reports).

Price was no option so we bought the best. I have been very happy with this machine until we discovered water is being discharged under our kitchen cabinets. When removed, we found water and mold and called Sears. The first available appointment was one week later...disappointing but we cancelled our weekend plans and accepted it; confirmed for 10/24.

Throughout the day we received numerous updates as to when he would arrive (between 8-12; before 10; between 10-11; before 1; not really sure what time he will be there as he is delayed at another appointment) but eventually we were told he never showed up for work. Lies; nothing but lies all day. The appointment was rescheduled for November 4 - that's 11 days away. I am unable to use my stove and dishwasher due to the water; my home is a wreck with cabinet contents stacked everywhere and a health hazard growing in my kitchen, but Sears doesn't seem to demonstrate any urgency.

A phone call that lasted 1 hour and 17 minutes eventually moved the service date to Monday, 10/26. I am still unhappy and have made my last Sears purchase.

Let us see if the technician shows up tomorrow. Assuming he arrives, if I want to be here, I will now have to *** time from work.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I want the cause of the water leakage fixed so ongoing damage can be stopped and I can determine extent of damages and get repairs made. .

I didn't like: Scripted response from customer service staff, Poor customer service, Lack of urgency to schedule service call.

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Saginaw, Michigan, United States #1053567

First of all, never rely on Consumer Reports. I, too found this out years ago and subsequently cancelled my sub and never returned.

As for Sears, they have serious financial problems and their customer service is now rather pathetic. If your dishwasher has water leakage, it is probably a loose connection where the water line connects to the machine. Just get under there and see if you can tighten it. Or, at least try to see where, exactly the water is leaking from.

If not the water connection, then you will know for sure it is with the machine itself. Whenever you fall for "the best" in appliances, you pay far too much for far too little. A cheap, basic appliance with no bells and whistles will work just fine, cost you less and when it breaks you just buy a new one and have them take the old one away to that great trash field in the sky or wherever they take these things.

Lowe's will deliver and set up for free most appliances. Avoid Sears.

to bobs2015 #1053578

I'd had such poor service from the prior dishwasher that never cleaned well from day one, I was desperate to have a reliable machine so we sought help from CR but clearly customer service can make or break a consumer's experience. Neither my husband nor I are physically able to just get up under there to determine the source of the problem.

I too suspect it is a loose connection or ruptured line. The machine itself functions well and in fact I am very pleased with it, hence my suspicion it is an installation issue.

But to your point, Lowes is definately on our list of retailers for future purchases. Thanks for the comment.

to bmcbane #1149613

Update. Issue was ultimately determined to be manufacturers defect.

Whirlpool was about as responsive as Sears in working to make repairs. Extent of damage was unbelievable and length of time to restore our home to normal exceeded 3 months. God bless our homeowner's insurance company. We had to turn to them for help as Whirlpool was impossible to deal with.

Hanover Insurance company was very helpful. Sears and Whirlpool have seen the last of my business.

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