Rensselaer, Indiana

My delivery on my range was a nightmare.It was rescheduled two times because of manufacture delay.That I can deal with,but being 4 hours late,then the range being damaged,that did it.I cancelled the order,went to best buy and had my range delivered the next day.All Sears could do is offer a 50 dollar gift card.What a joke. the range.When I called delivery they could careless if I cancelled the range.I feel the sales person who sold me this range,it was not his fault,blame this worthless delivery service Sears has.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

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now i can see why sears is worried about hhgregg coming to the chicago market.better selection,better customer service,but most of all,much better delivery service and installation.


My mum bought a nice refrigerator at Sears,and had it delivered.During the delivery,the deliverymen damaged her storm door big time.I called the manager,who told me to "bring the damaged part in".I did,and he avoided my calls for 2 weeks,Finally I gave up,retrieved the damaged part,and replaced it myself.Nice work Belfast Maine Sears,see if you ever get any of OUR business again,and We will be SURE to spread the word!!!!!!


I wish we would've checked reviews before ordering our Stove and Refrigerator from Sears! We were given the same run around!

We took off work on a Friday only to get a call late in the afternoon that a delivery person was injured and the items would not be delivered until Sunday. We cancelled our plans for Sunday and waited all day Sunday for our delivery - by 5:00pm we got concerned and called..only to find out our delivery was rescheduled for a Tuesday. No one called us...we had to call THEM. We were told by one person the driver was in another area and wouldn't be able to make it to our area before he was off work.

We were told by another person the truck broke down! Which one was it? As we wait for our next "hopeful" delivery we are earnestly searching for another source for our appliances! Sears delivery service is horrible!!

Their customer service team is the worst we've ever experienced. They clearly "DON'T CARE" and don't consider the inconveniences of their customers.


To Valued Sears Customer,

I apologize for the bad experience you had with the purchase of your range from Sears. I understand that you have already canceled the order, however, we would like the opportunity to resolve this and any other Sears related issue that you may have. My name is James and I am part of the Social Media Support Escalations team at Sears and we value you as a Sears customer. At your convenience, please contact our office at Please send us an email providing a contact phone number and the phone number the range was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. Also, in your email please provide the following screen name, which I created for you, (nodeliveryrange) for reference to your issue and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you,

James H.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support


I now buy all my appliances at Lowes. They have a good range of products at a competitive price and the also deliver it for free.

You are correct---the people working for Sears could care less if you buy from them or not. I used to get some appliances from Best Buy, but they seem to be a bit higher in prices in my area. Thus, Lowes.

Menards and Home Depot are nice, but they do not have free delivery. I live withing ten miles of all of these stores, and I will be darned if I pay anyone to deliver something that short distance.