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I have a dremel rotary tool and multi-max oscillating tool, I went to the Sears Store in Kennewick Washington and bought a craftsman flexhose attachment that says it will work with the dremel rotary tool. The flex hose stopped working with in a couple months and we called the craftsman customer service line and they said to take it in to our local sears and they can have it sent in, (our local sears is in Hermiston Oregon.

so we took it in to our local Hermiston store in November of 2012 we did not know it but it was the manager that we had given it to who really didn't seem like he even wanted to be there. (this is a small store in a small town so not really that busy) He told us it would be about 6 months so we timed it to be mid - may 2013. He said when they get this they will either repair it or send us a new one.After the 6 months wend by with no word we started calling and the craftsman people said they had no record of ever getting it and the local store said they don't know what happened to it. The local store after several calls said ok we'll order you a new one and have it mailed to your home they after a week we called them back and then was told in their book accessories are not covered (I just wanted it fixed i didn't care if I had to pay for it at that time now it's a matter of principal and respect) not it's June 25th and now the manager (mike) has gone on vacation.

asst manager (will) can't do anything and they have a 3rd manager who won't deal with us. and My partner told Will we want the broken part back and we'll fix it but it has mysteriously disappeared.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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