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Impossible to write all that has happened to me in just 100 words. Surfice it to say that Sears does not stand by it's products unless you are willing to purchase a maintenance agreement from them.

I purchased an exercise bike from Sears in December of 2010 that has never worked and after fighting to have them replace/repair it over a 2 month period, I am now demanding that they come get it and refund me my money. They will be picking it up on March 6th 2011. All I've done for 2-1/2 months is make calls trying to get them to either repair or replace the bike!

I'm done and will never purchase another non-consumable product from Sears. They do not care about their customers anymore!!!

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How about this...? Bought elliptical from Sears on 2/5/11.

Paid for non-refundable delivery $69.99, also bought 3 yr ext. warranty plan $184.99. Delivered to my home on 2/11/11...I assemble it and realize parts are missing. Call and tech comes out a week later.

A week of workout time missed. Tech brings parts and wallah I can start exercising now right? Wrong, machine wobbled something awful and kept a noise so loud my wife & son wouldn't have been able to sleep....neighbors too possibly. Calls Sears and asked about their pickup policy as I decided I didn't want this machine anymore.

They told me they'd pick it up and that I DID NOT need to disassemble it. Pickup crew arrives a couple days later, looks at machine and decides they could not move it. Called up Home Delivery and then they tell me I have to disassemble it and they'd have to come back another day. Found this to be unacceptable and drove out to the Sears to speak with a manager.

She tried helping but there was not much she could do. Went back home disassembled it and scheduled another pick up. They take it this time and now I have to wait for a refund of my money within 3 - 5 business days. If I do not get a full refund after all of this drama I will be sure to report Sears to the BBB, the Maryland State Attorney General, and any media outlet that will report on this.

Citizens should not have to deal with this level of unorgaznied interaction.

I even asked for some paperwork that would outline the provisions they claim are set in stone and of course they couldn't produce anything. I will follow-up soon on this.

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