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I bought a craftsman lawnmower platinum series in May 2010. The mower was retuned for repairs about two months after that. It was used for this summer and has been returned three more times for the same repair to the carberator.

The third time i was told it was my fault and I had to pay $65 because the mower was overfilled with oil. I refused to pay because I had only gotten the mower about a month before and i never dded oil to it. They removed the charges and just asked me to pay for an oil filter. I did.

One day after, the mower stopped working again. I requested it be refunded but I was told they cannot.

i then requested that it be replaced. The store manager said she could not do that. Now I am told that they replaced the filter and plug that i will have to pay for. they could not find any problem. Calling is a waste of time because you get an overseas call center. At the store level the manager treated me as if I should not be complaining. She just shrugged me off, told me to call the repair center and walked back into the office.

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