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Very disappointed in the Craftsman Tool chests. Where did the quality go?

I purchased 3 middle Heavy duty tool chests. 2 2-drawer middle chests 37716, 1 3-drawer middle chest 37710, and 1 6-drawer top chest 37715.

3 of the 4 chests wobble! 2 of them wobble quite a bit, 1 moderately, and the 4th is just a tiny bit, and acceptable. This is a wobble where when the chest is seated, it rocks diagonally corner to corner.

The top chest has 4 things wrong with it.

1) The wobble.

2) The lid is wider on the front left, about 1/4?. It aligns in the back!

3) The same corner, front left, the metal is not aligned. It’s separated and one side is higher.

4) The same corner, front left, the corner piece was bent to short and when tack welded warped the front metal inward.

The Middle chests, 2 of them wobble so much as to be unacceptable. I can even see the misalignment by viewing the front bottom corners. Those little square holes in the corners are not the same, and the side seam that folds under the bottom visually pulls up on the bottom distorting the fold!

All 4 chests are going back to Sears tomorrow for refund I will not be getting replacements. If ONE had an issue, I would exchange it. But with 3 of the 4 having the wobble, and, the issues with the top chest… this shows me the poor quality of these chests.

The chests function great, and look like good chests. BUT, if I wanted to purchase seconds (which I would not), I would expect to pay around 1/2 the price or less.

I am so disappointed in Sears, in there Craftsman line. I will NOT be able to purchase any metal Craftsman tool chests in the future!

I remember my dad always purchasing Craftsman tools, and I followed suit! They were great tools. That has changed, and I have not purchased Craftsman tools in several years.

Now, Stanley and others are better quality. I recently purchased sets of Kobalt tools, vice grips, plyers… Wow. I’m impressed. There much cheaper than Craftsman, and look to be as good of quality of what Craftsman used to be!

Too bad. Sears will most likely go the way of other big box stores like Circut City, Comp USA, and soon, Best Buy...

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