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We have a Kenmore upright freezer that stopped working after 2 years. The tech told me it wasn't meant to be in the garage. Really? When we went to buy the unit we told the salesman exactly where it would be placed and exactly why we were buying a new unit. The seals had went out on our other unit and we lost a lot of meat. We got the alarm because it would sound if the unit door was left open or the unit was getting hot. Nope, alarm didn't go off - unit got hot - $65 tech charge to tell me that the unit wasn't suppose to be out in the garage.

I didn't buy a throw away unit, I bought what I thought was quality. That unit cost me approximately $300 a year based upon the number of years it lasted.

The salespeople do not tell the customer that the unit is NOT suppose to be in the garage. I'm sorry not everyone has room for a freezer inside their house - we have no basement. I have always had a freezer outside in the garage and never this amount of problems.

I have checked Sears website and have found nothing that states the unit shouldn't be out in the garage. Put that information on your website if your planning on using that as the excuse.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Website.

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again no help for customer service. I've had the same problem. Good luck



I have a "DEDICATED CASE MANAGER" that hasn't returned my call. I have been very disappointed in your service department and the no return call.

I also don't like the auto response your company seems to think is sufficient for problems. Posting we care about you and then doing nothing is not a proper response.

I just want to go to a qualified professional to get my unit fixed. That qualified professional would not be part of your team.


No answer. Sent the same tech out.

No plan on resolving the issue.

Called on Thursday - asked for a refund - answering machine - no response - tired of the SEARS problems. I could have called a competitor - now will do - expect a refund due to it's been 2 weeks with no acceptable response.


Well the process has started. Will keep all updated.