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I have three issues I'd like to have addressed;

1.) I called 800-4-MY-HOME last week to make an appointment to get my dryer serviced. A couple of years ago I needed my dryer fixed and called the same number and a live person offered me a one year service contract for a couple of hundred dollars and I was hoping to get the same deal this time. A computer answered the phone and never gave me an option to talk to a live person nor to get that same deal. It took me 3 calls to the computer to make the appointment but again not once was a live person offered nor that service contract offered. The service person showed up on Saturday and charged me $283 to "fix" the dryer.

2.) I said "fixed" because the dryer is still not working, the same problem still exists so the $283 was a complete waste of money. I called the 800-4-MY-HOME number on Sunday to talk to someone about the dryer still not working and again was still not given the option of talking to a live person. I pushed the 0 key a couple of times out of desperation and low and behold I got transferred to a live person. However this person could not help me as the computer was not updated yet with the information of my service call and I was told to call back on Monday.

3.) I called back today and got an appointment setup for Thursday and the lady offered me the service contract for $205 for future work, not to include Saturday's $283. She actually tried to sell me the product I wanted last week but could not get on top of the $283 I paid two days ago. So for $488 I can get the dryer fixed instead of buying a new one for $329, call me crazy but that just does not seem like a good deal.

4.) I think the only fair thing for you to do is to refund me $78 dollars and sell me the service contract I wanted but could not buy from the computer and to fix my dryer. Please let me know your thoughts.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #217530

Hey Bigpdr, maybe if you did not misuse your dryer than it would still work. Customer ignorance does not cover the cost.

You always have the choice, You just did not want to spend the extra money and now that you can't get the dryer fixed for free you are whining.

Well cry a river because we don't care about your washer and dryer. Next time go to an actual store like everyone else does.

Pingree Grove, Illinois, United States #216852

You missed the point, I never had a choice. The automated system for scheduling an appointment does not have the option of the service contract and nowhere does it say how to get a live person. If I did have a choice I would agree with you.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #216667

You had the choice not to buy the contract or get it fixed, now you should live with you decisition, not expect a refund. I am a customer of Sears and a invester I would not expect them to go out of business giving money for a honest transaction.

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