I mailed a credit card payment to sears on 12/10/2020, it was due on 12/25/2020, as of 12/24/2020 it had not posted to my account yet, due to the poor performance of the US postal system, so I paid another payment online. On 12/31/2020, my mailed in payment finally made it back to my bank, so I thought "Ok, I won't have a payment this month, since it was cashed after the cycle ended".

My statement comes in, showing I do have a payment due and no record of the mailed in payment. I call customer service, can hardly hear the rep, they say yes we received it, but it went on last month's billing cycle, so you owe another payment this month. Funny, the mailed payment is not shown on my last statement, or reflected in my balance. The rep couldn't figure out what to do, so she transferred me to a number to set up delivery of appliances, or claim tool warranties, among other things.

I called back, got the same rep again, who promptly hung up on me (twice) when I told her my name again.

I was a customer of this company for over 40 years, but never again. Easy to see why nearly all their locations have closed, the service is inexcusable.

User's recommendation: Avoid Sears and their credit cards.

Location: Warren, Ohio

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