Georgetown, Ontario

We purchased all our appliances from Sears. It seems the customer service these days is terrible. The service technicians just don't show up for appointments. You spend all day waiting at home for a no show. When we called to complain, nothing gets done. We waited home for a service call on our washer on at least five different occasions. The technician was a no show. Apparently he just decided to cancel our appointment without notifying us. It wasn't until I called to see where he was, that I was told the appointment had been cancelled with no reason.

Also, the service technicians tramp dirt from the outside through your house. They have also damaged my washer and dishwasher while doing a service call on these appliances. While snapping the front of the washer back in place, they cracked a panel, which Sears refuses to replace. I find this very unsatisfactory, since the washer was almost new and cost allot.

While putting the panel back on the dishwasher, the guy didn't put the panel on properly and the screw at the side completely gauged my front panel.

One time while fixing my washer, they pulled it out and tore my vinyl floor.

I could go on with the damage that has been caused in my home by the service technicians.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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FYI, the repair required was to replace a wiring harness and the main motor. It was similar to and much simpler than replacing a basic automotive alternator.

It took me and the wife two hours. It would have taken several no work (no pay) days and endless tears to get "sears" to fix this thing.

If you have the warranty, keep it for parts only. The parts on this one would have been more than the unit was worth if I had to pay for them.


You are not alone. I was lucky enough to have them show up and look at my washing machine (3 hours late for their 8-12 appointment) and they concurred that my washer was broken.

Luckily, they ordered the parts and I received them. Apparently too daunting a task, at that point they blew off two scheduled appointments, which my wife took off work for. After about 20 calls to customer service including complaints, cancelled appointments with no call, reschedules with no notification, and my wife finally reduced to tears, I just took the *** machine apart, took the parts they ordered, read the manual and did the labor myself. The washer now works and I am a hero.

I am not sure if I should call them and request they refund the remainder of the contract or just call them repeatedly to schedule maintenance where I will fail to call them, no show, and basically waste their time. I am leaning toward the latter. I thought maybe I could get the repairman to buy me a six pack and hang out for a couple hours, and I would sign the form......

Fix it yourself.

Don't buy from Sears or get their warranty. They will drive you insance trying to avoid providing service.