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On 6/15/14, I pre-ordered a 10.5 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 inch tablet that, at the time, was supposed to be released by Samsung on 7/11/14. The tablet cost $500.00 and, on my order confirmation page, it showed that I would be getting 174,999 Shop Your Way reward points (worth $174). I took a "screen shot" of the order page, showing that I would be awarded that number of points. However, after I submitted my order and checked my order history, it then showed that I would be awarded 134,XXX points (worth $134). I was a bit irritated by this, but I was not going to even mention it to Sears, since I thought it was still a good deal.

About one week after placing the order, Samsung changed the release date for the tablets to 6/27/14, and Sears, accordingly, changed its release date on its website to that date. Also, around that time, I received an email from Sears stating that I would receive my tablet "sooner than expected."

Fast-forward to today, 7/5/14. Right now, the exact tablet I pre-ordered is available EVERYWHERE, including at Best Buy, Amazon, Tiger Direct, B&H Photo and others. These retailers had these items in since 6/27/14, the date Samsung released the tablets. However, I STILL HAVE NOT EVEN HAD MY TABLET SHIPPED. The free case that came with the tablet I did receive from Sears, but the tablet itself has not even shipped? AND, in my order history, it states now that I will be receiving 0 points (worth, yes, $0). What?!?!? I have contacted Sears several times about this, both via email and phone, and NOBODY has any idea what to tell me, just that I should "be patient." Ummmm, nobody PRE-orders a device that he/she doesn't mind waiting for several weeks after launch to receive. I purchased the device before its launch so that I can have the assurance of receiving it on or around the launch date without having to worry about it going out of stock or anything like that.

Sears, I am waiting for you to fix this; you have yet to even try to do so. And in the process, you have lost a customer.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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