Sears pressured me to purchase a range and dishwasher. I did not want to purchase until it went on sale.

Of course I purchase and just over 3 weeks later they went on sale. I called customer service as this is approximately a $400.00 savings. Not chump change. Sears said there was a 14 day price guarantee and 14 days return policy and I would just have to eat the $400.00.

Their customer service is horrible as is there price match/return policy. I did approximately $8000 to $10,000 of annual business with Sears and explained this to them. They did not care. I cancelled my credit card with them as I will take my business elsewhere.

Poor policies and customer service. Please avoid shopping there.

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another person wanting free stuff. you know their policy and you still want them to bend over backwards for you.

they dont even have to offer it to begin with.

And they pressured you to buy it huh? dont be a tool.


How can one be "pressured" to purchase a range and dishwasher? You were at Sears looking for a pair of jeans and they twisted your hand into 2-3K purchase?

Something is not adding up here. :sigh

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