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I asked to have a new card in my name mailed to me. Person said many things, many many things.

I worked in banks and am not the average customer. Ultimately, I could fill in data to all her arguments that would validate my request. Her goal was to not provide the service I requested. To the extent of having difficulty getting off the phone with her.

I sensed she was too strongly defiant and decided to peacefully exit the phone call. She had strength to hold me on the phone somehow and even wanted to know what I planned to do next. I of course was avoiding further conflict if at all possible. I HAD to tell her for real.

she would not hang up or let me go until I did. This is ridiculous.

Can you make sure my mailed request for cards has been processed?

Melinda Rose Carbajal Account:512072253628698 Please. I am scared to call now.

Monetary Loss: $8500.

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