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My refrigerator has been broke since May 28th 2012, and as of today July 8, 2012, Sears has still not resolved the problem. I purchased the Service Smart Protection Agreement on May 31, 2012.

I scheduled for a service agent to come look at my refrigerator. The first agent that came told me that the fan was broken, he ordered a new fan, and told me to call and schedule a new appointment as soon as the I received the new part in the mail. When I received the part I called 18004myhome to see when I was able to get an agent out. I had to wait over a week for the next appointment.

I explained it was a refrigerator, I had children in the house, and we did not have an alternate place to store our food but they said there was nothing they could do. My next appointment a new agent came. He was extremely rude to me on the phone and rude to me while in my home. He replaced the fan and told me the refrigerator was working fine.

I went out and bought all new food and put everything away. When I got home I saw that the refrigerator was running but blowing out hot air. All of my groceries were ruined and water had overflowed, dripped on to my floor, and caused my new floor to buckle. I then called 18004myhome again, explained the situation, and had to wait about a week for someone else to come.

I informed Sears that I did not want the last guy who was at my house again because he was rude and I did not feel like he knew what he was doing. An agent came out and diagnosed the problem. He stated that once the parts came in to call and make an appointment. Once I received the parts I made an appointment and had to wait about a week for someone to come and put the parts in.

I requested a certain agent because the last one was horrible. The day of my scheduled appointment, I get a phone call from the same guy that was at my house last time. He called and said he would be there in 15 minutes maybe sooner and I explained that the window of time I was given was 1-5. It was 12:00 but that I would be there by 12:30.

The agent was extremely rude to me on the phone and annoyed that he would have to wait. I called and cancelled this appointment and had to wait approximately one more week for another appointment. An agent came to put the parts in, unfortunately he was not able to get the refrigerator running . Sears called it a loss and the agent said that I had to call a certain # to get the $500 that my agreement stated I would get if they were unable to fix my refrigerator.

I have been waiting since June 20h to find out about the $500. I have called 18004myhome countless times, waited for hours, been transferred from person to person, with no resolution. Sears told me I had to set up an appointment to have an agent come out again, to verify that the refrigerator was a loss when I was already told this at may last appointment. An agent came and stated that he had no idea why they made me go through all this that he already declared it a loss at the last appointment.

I have been calling Sears and still have not been able to come to a resolution.

I also saw that when the agent used a lighter to connect the new metal parts together he made 3 burn marks on my new tiles.

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