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First, allow me to thank each of you for taking the time to read and absorb this post. I will be brief, succinct and to the point.

Here are PROVEN methods for mitigating disaster and cutting through what you may be encountering with Sears. I implemented them in a recent experience which has been resolved. Only you can determine to execute them. It is a choice:

1). Contact your local, state AG and federal authorities (FTC) regarding consumer rights, protections and complaints. The Federal Trade Commission has a direct customer service phone number: (202)-326-2222 in Washington, D.C. The agent you contact will issue a claim number to you once your claim has been taken, submitted and processed. If you would rather, go directly to the FTC website ( on your mobile or ancillary devices. This is the easiest, quickest and the most legal and rightful way to get things moving.

2). Do NOT call any of the numbers that are listed. I issue this counsel as a warning to AVOID being shuffled around through different departments. Use your email to have a track record and documented proof. The best one to use to contact Sears SHC is this one: You will also receive a ticket/claim number regarding your issue. This often will be in the heading of the email document in parenthesis. You may see a delivery delay (not a failure) from your email. I have used this personally and ALWAYS received a reply in return. INFORM them that you have filed a formal complaint with the FTC, WITHOUT disclosing ANY DETAILS. Let the FTC and your state AG do that for you. That is your legal protection afforded by law.

Remember the time differential between your place of residence and the phone calls have a variable of12 hours in advance of U.S. standard time.

3). BE CALM, PATIENT and ASSURED. These two steps are the most necessary, and we all need to give each agency and the people involved to work and collect all of the necessary data. Monitor all of your activity and focus on the resolution of the issue itself. Be persistent, but level headed.

Press In, Press On and keep going. Only you can determine if your effort was worth it or not.

Sears Pros: Customer service rep was patient and polite.

Sears Cons: Blowing off issues.

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