Montpelier, Vermont

Dec 8th - Gas Grill scheduled for pickup – returned merchandise

Received the phone call that sears will arrive between 8:30 and 10:30. I was home during that period. At 10:15 I called sears to verify that they were expected to show up on time ( previous deliveries were always on time). I was reassured by the woman on the phone that there are no notes as to any delays so they should arrive at any moment. At 10:44 ( after the time frame) I received a phone call stating that they were very sorry but the delivery team is running three hours behind, no explanation…just 3 hrs. As I only took the morning off from work, I asked the gentleman to call me back in 15 min so I could verify with my office that we have appropriate coverage. He did call me back and we verified that I would be home during the time of 12:30 and 1pm when the pickup team is expected to arrive. 12:30 came and went….1pm came and went. FINALLY at 2:10 pm the delivery team arrived, I met the truck outside, the man in the passenger seat met me and I explained how the truck the week before got stuck, I told him I moved my car out of the way, and he has plenty of room to turn around at the top so there is no need to back down. He said ok, I went back up to the house, and the driver proceeded to follow me up the driveway. The driver didn't even make it half-way up the driveway, he cut the corner too close and his driver side rear tires slid off the side of the bank a bit. Without trying to get out the driver immediately came to the determination he was stuck.

Conclusion $1,000.00 in damages done to driveway, could only get Spirit Deliveries to pay for $450.00 without going to court. Will Never use Sears or Home Depots delivery service again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

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