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My wife & I bought ProForm XP Trainer 580 treadmill on Jan. 14th, when our 4-5 year old ProForm, also bought at Sears, unexpectedly *** out.

It had about 4-5 thousand miles on it, and we were very happy with it. So we bought this one, thinking ProForm makes pretty good stuff. We were initially even happier with this one, until mid March when it started making a racket. We called Sears service and a repair man came out and ended up replacing the motor.

He gave me a receipt for $462.38, he also told me it would have cost me this much if the treadmill had been a month older. Because we were still in the 90 day manufacturer's warranty it was free. The treadmill was 6 weeks old then, and had only 62 miles on it. Now the treadmill is 14 weeks old, and has 132 miles on it, and has started making the same noise, again.

We thankfully bought master protection agreement days after that repair and would advise anyone buying this treadmill to by one as well.

P.S. Sears stiffed us on the rebate, you probably will be too!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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I have a proform xp580 and the belt has stopped working mid workout. There is no gradual slowdown-just an abrupt stop.

I have tried all the suggestions in the owners manual and don't know what to do next. Any suggestions?


We bought a pro form 580 in dec 09. With little use it broke in july.

Called to have repaired.Scheduled to have repair man from sears was no show in sept second scheduled appointment was one hour late. WE WERE OVER CHARGED FOR PART FROM SEARS COULD OF GOT PART 82.00 cheaper.404.00 dollars later. It is still making a noise. And I have called sears and conveniently have got no call back.

And the manager seems to never answer his phone.

I would not recommend this treadmill or any product. Poor service to getting things worked out.


Dear Customer-

I just read over your comment posted on this site ( I understand that you had to replace a motor in your manufactures warranty and experienced other issues under your extended warranty. You are fully covered but we would like to offer you something, from our company, for your troubles. Please contact me at and I’ll take care of you. Thanks.


Icon Health & Fitness

Customer Care

August 7, 2009


Even with the warranty it's a pain to keep on having to have something repaired .ProForm is made by Icon Health & Fitness who owns and makes other fitness equipment as well.

The problem with ProForm is that the motors are weak. If you are even close to the maximum weight limit you will strain the motor.

I think the residential treadmill makers assume they really won't get that much use yet when they do they need continuous repair.

Don't hesitate to call repair out and don't let the 1-800 people try to talk you through the problem. You paid for service so use it.