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Bought a grill from Sears 4 years ago and purchased the protection plan. First “repair “ of worn parts went wonderfully so we renewed for another 2 years.

This time Sears could care less about us paying for the protection plan and them still NOT FIXING our grill for the past 5 months. In March, James (repairman in Ft Myers) ordered parts for our grill. It is now August and we still have a nonfunctional grill as James disassembled it in May to put on some parts that didn’t fit our grill. We have been calling their customer support # per James recommendations who say there is NOTHING they can do for us because James says it’s repairable.

At this point we’ve had numerous parts ordered that don’t fit our grill. Customer support says James keeps ordering the wrong parts. If that’s truly the problem then get a new repairman. All customer support can say is, you’ve filed a complaint and there’s nothing we can do for you.

We bought a grill to grill out. Very unhappy that we paid $130 or so for a “protection plan or you get a new appliance “ and we haven’t had a working grill in months. Really wish I wouldn’t have wasted my money with Sears. They seem to wear you down and drag it out so you say Forget it and go somewhere else.

Hate Sears at this point!!!! Hate James and really Hate their pathetic customer support!!!! This is what he’s left for us to look at! We have cats, dogs and toddlers that we have to keep away from this mess.

Sears you need to do better or go home. This is sad!!! Horrible customer “support “.

They’re probably laughing that we’re still waiting for this to be fixed. I truly believe they want us to give up and buy from someone else.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Protection Plan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Sears Cons: Being passed back and forth on the phone, Not listening, So far nothing.

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