Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I waited 20 minutes to check out at jewerly counter when it was my turn a sales associate told me that I did not have a jewelry purchase so I could not pay for my item there and unfortunately I hade to go to the back of a very long line. I have worked retail and I was told the customer was always right?

People in front of me purchased many items that were not jewelry but had a small jewelry item so that was ok? I for one am going to do my best to not shop at sears or kmart unless nessary, and by the way I have always bought craftsman tools but will be buying another brand from now on....

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There is a huge sign that you can't miss at a store near me that says jewelry purchases only at that counter. Thats how it is, its not the express lane so get in line with everyone else,


If you don't have any jewelry then you shouldn't be trying to checkout of the jewelry line. Everyone else that had other items also had at least one piece of jewelry I'm sure.

Don't blame Sears for your mistake. The customer is not always right and you're proof.


At least you now recognise how bad Sears and KMart's customer service has become. I stopped shopping at Sears ten years ago.