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This is a Long read: This is a copy of the email I have sent to numerous sears customer service.Hi, My name is Jerry and I would like to inform you of the trouble I have had with my online sears purchase. It started February 28th when I began to look online to purchase a snowblower attachment for my craftsman garden tractor. I googled craftsman snowblower and began my search the site I went to prompted me to use a online chat service. Thinking this would be helpfull I used it and the following is what occured:

Thank you for choosing Sears PartsDirect. My name is 'Boyer'. I will be> your Parts Advisor, what parts may I order for you today?>> Boyer: Hi there!>> you: I Have a 917.273070 that I was considering putting a snowblower on.>> you: what model of snowblower will fir?>> you: fit>> Boyer: Sure, let me check that for you.>> Boyer: Meanwhile, may I have your full name and email address, please?>> you: Jerry Budde>> Boyer: Thank you, Jerry.>> Boyer: May I place you on hold for 2-3 minutes, while I locate the part?>> Boyer: Thank you for staying online.>> Boyer: I have locate the snow blower attachment for you mower.>> you: and it is>> Boyer: $229.99, excluding shipping and tax.>> Boyer: Shall I place the order for you?>> you: That is the snowblower attachment?>> Boyer: Yes.>> you: And if I order it everything will be included to connect the> snowblower I am ordering to my 2000 Craftsman GT 22hp model #917.273070>> Boyer: Yes, I have located the snow blower attachment for your mower.>> Boyer: It is compete assembly.>> you: okay give me a minute, can that be shipped to a sears outlet> location for free? I would need it shipped to Fremont, Michigan>> Boyer: I'm sorry, unfortunately at this time, our retail stores are not> equipped to handle customer orders for parts. As a result, we are unable> to ship parts to retail stores for customer pick-up.>> Boyer: However, let me check what best I can make on this part for you.>> you: Okay what would shipping cost to 49421>> Boyer: With normal shipping the parts is $ 219.99.>> Boyer: Sound good?>> Boyer: Estimated arrival date is Mar 10.>> you: Yes it sounds to good to be true. So I will ask again. What you are> selling me is the snowblower attachment for my craftsman 22hp GT model#> 917.273070 in a complete assembly. And I will not need to purchase any> additional parts.>> Boyer: Yes. it is compete assembly.>> Boyer: To begin with the order, may I have the phone number please?>> you: How do I place my order?>> you: 231-854-3434>> Boyer: Thank you.>> Boyer: May I have the complete address where you would like this order> shipped?>> you: 6725 E garfield rd Hesperia MI>> Boyer: Thank you.>> Boyer: Is the shipping and billing address the same?>> you: yes>> Boyer: Thank you.>> Boyer: Your complete order total with shipping and tax is $227.98. The> estimated arrival date for your order is Mar 10.>> Boyer: Would you like to use your Sears Card or another credit/debit> cards to place your order?>> you: a visa>> Boyer: Sure, may I have your card number and expiration date, please?>> you: exp>> Boyer: Thank you.>> you: will i receive a email confirmation with shipping detail>> Boyer: Jerry, to ensure that you receive your parts order in a timely> manner, this order is immediately processed. Once processed, this> transaction cannot be changed or cancelled. You may return an unused and> uninstalled part in its original packaging. Before you return your part,> contact us or visit our website at and chat> with a Parts Trusted Advisor to obtain a Return Authorization number,> which must be included with the returned part. We must receive the> returned part and tax, minus any shipping charges. You will receive an> order confirmation receipt in the mail for this order. This is not a> bill, but a receipt confirming the order we are placing today.>> Boyer: Yes, we will also provide your order confirmation and order> status updates through email.>> Boyer: Shall I go ahead and help you with order confirmation number?>> you: sure>> Boyer: Congratulations! Your order has been successfully placed. Your> order number is C386291.>> you: thanks>> Boyer: Jerry, your order number will appear on your Order Confirmation> email. You can check the order status any time at>>> Boyer: Is there anything else I can help you with?>> you: no that should be all.>> Boyer: Thank you for chatting with me and choosing Sears PartsDirect. We> appreciate your business. Good bye!>> Boyer: Take care, Jerry!>> Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.

I checked my confirmation email which is below:


Thank you for shopping with Sears PartsDirect. Your order #C386291 has been received. You will receive notification when the item(s) has (have) shipped. If you ordered more than one item, you may receive multiple shipments on different days.

Your order status is available online 24-48 hours after placing the order. Save this email for future order status lookup.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

You may return an unused and uninstalled part in its original packaging. To return a part, you must first obtain a Return Authorization number by calling 800-366-PART or visiting our website at and chat with a Parts Trusted Advisor. We must receive the returned part(s) with the Return Authorization number within 365 days of your original order date. Exclusions apply to products with limited shelf life which includes but are not limited to batteries, smoke detectors or chemical-based products, which must be returned within 90 days of the original order date. Items received damaged must be reported within 10 days of receipt. Credit will be issued for the part(s) plus tax, minus shipping charges. Your satisfaction is important to Sears.Shipping InformationBilling InformationOrder will be shipped toOrder will be billed toJERRY JERRYBUDDE JERRYStandard shipping 15.99Visa************2691Estimated Arrival DateMonday, March 10, 2014order details In stock itemsPart # and description 71-244411 Snow BladeOrder Total

$ 227.98I saw this was the incorrect part and immediately called the attached 800 # to clear this matter up. I was informed that the incorrect order could not be cancelled and I would have to call when it arrived at my door to get a return shipping label. Ship the item back and when they received the item I would be credited back. This was upsetting to say the least. I pursued the issue further and was told they could not help me in getting the correct item and tranferred me to someone else in a different dept after several different transfer I was back speaking with parts direct speaking with a manager (Mary) and she in the end stated that if she was unable to cancel the order she would have UPS pick up the item and that I would never have to touch it. And she would forward my Issue. Later I received a call from "Henry" they had credited my account. And that at this time was unable to supply the correct item as ordered but would look into it and contact me Monday. He did call on Monday the call was missed and he provided a email stating the credit issued and order cancelled. I replied through e-mail stating that when sears parts direct quoted me a item and I accepted the quote and they in turn accepted my payment they had entered into a contract to supply quoted goods at the price quoted. Then today I received what I was told a call that "Dona" stated she had to make because my complaint was forwarded to her. Telling me a credit was issued and order cancelled. And when I asked about supplying the items as quoted was told that is not my deptmartment and attempted to transfer me to someone else and while I was on hold I received a phone call from ( cannot remember name but call came from phone #512-248-7700) telling me the problem had been resolved I had been credited and order cancelled. When asked what I wanted I stated " I would like the correct item I ordered at the price quoted. I was told I was being unreasonable and that they could not do that. I replied what I believed to be unreasonable was sending a customer the wrong part and expecting them to wait until product arrives and calling back to get a return label and take the item 30+ miles to a ups store to ship the item back and wait for a credit when the customer called in back in less than 10 minutes of order being placed to inform them of their mistake. ( however after 2 hours of explaining to several differnt people that issue was taken care of ) then she proceeded to offer my a hundred dollars of the list price of the correct product ( Item# 07124837000 | Model# 24837) I informed her I would look further into this matter and she stated I had 30 days and thanked me for choosing sears.Now, when I was ordering I had that feeling "to good to be true" and it was. What has upset me the most is the run around I received when cancelling the order and absolutely nobody stating I can get you what you had ordered for $$amount. The closest I got was I can give you $100.00 off your purchase. If when I had called to inform them of their mistake they would have cancelled my order and issued credit appoligized and offered correct item at a discounted price I would have considered it. I have worked as contractor and I honored my quotes, I have worked as a sales manager for a large lumber company and there were many times we took losses to make right with the customer. The sears staff choosing the words "unable to sell at that price" and not stating a price in which they are able to sell is not acceptable to me. And I firmly beleive the chosen word should have been unwilling not unable. In my construction career there were days I worked for free to honor a quote and days as a sales manager for the lumber company where I sent out goods for no-charge to satisfy a customer.I also feel people/businesses need to be held responsible for there actions/ mistakes.I really hope this email gets several people a stern talking to and informs the parent company of the service their subs are providing under the Sears name.Please reply to this E-mail so I can feel like I auctually accomplished something for my hours of complaints. If you have any questions you may reply to this e-mail

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This is typical. We ordered something and they got the wrong address.

We called but they would not change the destination so the order went to another state. Shill they wanted us to pay for this order. Finally after many rude people we challenged the charge with visa and they looked into it and it was taken off our charge. Call visa and have them look into it.

You will get better results. Sears people are all foreign or idiots.

Don't trust them to do anything


Sears is just absolutely ridicules with the amount of money they spend on there customer service people they could downsize 90% and use the savings to auctually fix problems rather than giving customers the run around. I will never buy anything frem sears again and have heard the same from others.

Sears Response

Hi jerry1budde,

Thanks for sharing about the problems you've been having with your attachment online order. We’d like to have one of our dedicated case manager’s speak with you, look into this issue and assist you in any way we can to make sure this issue is resolved with the correct part needed. We've forwarded the contact information notated in your chat to our case management team to follow up and assist you in reference this matter.

Thank you,

Edwin C.

Social Media Moderator

Social Media Support Team

@Sears Response

Hi Edwin C.

The solution is simple sell me Sears Item# 07124837000P | Model# 24837 and Item# 07124831000 | Model# 24831. Which according to your website are the goods required to connect everything to my Garden tractor that Boyer in the online chat told me I was buying for a total of $227.98.

And that price was shipped to my door. I would be willing to pick items up at a nearby location Fremont,MI or Muskegon, Mi. I would in addition offer to pay the $44.99 for item 07124831000.

Which would bring the total to $275.67 after tax. Jerry Budde RN

Sears Response

Dear Jerry,

My name is Susan with the Sears Cares Escalations team. In researching your case, I see that the case manager assigned to assist you has attempted to contact you two times both by email and by telephone.

He left his contact information on your voice mail when calling.

I'll forward your post to him and ask that he contact you as soon as possible.


Susan R.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support

@Sears Response

Dear Susan

I received one phone call on March 7 that left a message with contact info and that they would contact me in the next 48hrs. I have not received any other calls that I am aware of and have checked the caller ID.

I have received zero emails and I checked all folders including spam. I have just called the contact # left in the voice message and am currently awaiting return call.