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Sears.com is selling a racially insensitive named wig called "Ghetto Fab". It's a curly wig that is supposed to represent African-American hair. Other wigs on the site do not have such racially insensitve named wigs. The straight, blonde wig is Movie Star wig or the brunette wig is Vava Wavy wig, but the wig with the wig with the curly hair is inappropriately named Ghetto Fab wig. I personally find this offensive as well as many other African-American women.

A phone call was made to the Executive Customer Service Dept and an employee by the name of Phillip Griego answered the phone. When the concerned was presented to him, his apathetic response was a simple "OK". For a store whose shares have fallen and have reported a 2Q loss, one would think that customer service would be it's UTMOST concern in these economic times. The cavalier response by someone of the Executive Customer Service team shows that Sears clearly does not value the customer as one should. I will NEITHER be patronizing this establishment whether in person or online nor any of it's other subsidiary stores until this issue is addressed.

Kohl's had also been selling it, but when emailed with a few complaints about it on their online site, promptly removed it

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Rogers comment should wave as a banner in support of the wig post. He yelps racism doesn't exist and then proceeds to write and prove his own words wrong!


Sears / Kmart / A+E Factory service, have lost touch with customers needs and dont care what they do. Why would you sell anything with refererce to the ghetto.

And this idot Rodger is not doing Sears / Kmart / A+E factory service cause any good with his uneducated remarks. He sounds more like one of there employees.


Normally, political correctness gets on my nerves but, if I were African American, this would *** me off. They could call it "Retro Fab" or something along those lines. I agree that this is really tacky.