Roanoke, Virginia
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If anyone has been in the Sears in Roanoke, Va. you will find very few people of color working in the store.

When you look for a manager most of them are white and kids. I would like to know is Sears trying to drive th older employees out or does the managers like young girls? There are a few males who are managers. I was told that they have 2 African Managers one is in the pickup area and the other runs around the floor.

Is segregation still in the workplace, has Sears forgotten that with a Black Man Roebuck they wouldn't be in business today?

I would like for you to comment and let me know about the Sears in your area something must be done about Sears discrimination in hiring practices.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

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A.N. Onymous

I've seen various cries of racism over a lot of issues, some were fair claims, others were, well, a complete huge steaming mushy pile of cattle fecal matter.

I've walked into a Sears store on a Saturday and all of the employees were white. I went back the next day and it was an fair mix of white, black, and hispanic. I went back later that week and the composition was 75%, 15% hispanis, and 10% white.

I say, unless you've been the victim of racism it's time to *** quit crying about what you preceive, and let people live life.

Thank you to all those who are African American and have the intelligence to be upset by the claim of racism. To you, I show my appreciation and give my respect.


I know this was last commented on over a month ago, but still-

The Sears near me- most of the sales floor people are black, Hispanic or Asian. The store manager is an Asian woman, the auto center assistant manager is an older black man.

There's also a lot of older people working at the store. Just cause you went in on one day and it was mostly white doesn't mean they're racist.


Whatever your race is you are making false claims of racism.


Im not an African American Im Asian thankyou.


I am Mexican American and I worked for sears in Modesto CA. I was fired by what I would call *** poor inept managers.Both the store manager and the assistant manager were totally unprofessional.Were they racist? I could not say for sure,but I would not put it past them.


Well, not all blacks cry racism over nothing, but many do when they don't get a promotion or something. Infact there was this one person here whose spelling and grammar was so terrible and he complained that he did not get a job.

It was probably because he spoke the same way he wrote his letter. A lot of people here cry racism over nothing.

Even you are tired of blacks crying racism over nothing Marge. Even you are disgusted by their attitude.


You are probably right Shane, but this person does not speak for all of us. I am black too and I am disgusted by their attitude. It makes us look bad, like we cry racism over the drop of a hat.


The person who wrote this must be black.


I mean to say walk in not work in. Don't have a job, don't need one my friends father gives us money when we ask.


First of all I am African American and I find this letter of racism ridiculous. It is because of people like you that people like Jason think that we cry racism over every little thing.

Stop giving us a bad name.

You should be ashamed. This is not rasism and I say this as An African American.


This loser must have applied for a job at Sears and was turned down because of his/her skills. They automatically assume it is racism.

Hate to break it to you but in one of the closest Sears that I work in the main manager is black. And they have black managers in other Sears I have been to. You guys find every little thing to cry racism over. I guess you think because of your color you should be hired.

Well it is who does the job best. You yourself said they do have black managers.

They told you this yourself. I bet you made a big *** of yourself and threw the race card when you were not hired.