Sears customer service is hitting the ground quicker , fast and hurriedly. These expensive, cheaply made by foreigner are not worth the money paid and they do not have the audacity to tell the truth about the products until the technician makes repeated calls to repair something weak and they tell you how many calls have been made to repair the same product several times.

Sears does not complain when you spend extra money for a service plan that know you will definitely need and then you have to wait more than ten days for a technician. They want to take their time to make an appearance while an individual uses one hand and so does the 80 year old mother, children are attending school during the day and when they return home how can the range be used to prepare a meal unless matches are used and who is going to tell young children to ignite a match to light the burners?

Not I or my mother because of the danger, Is Sears replacing the range and the money spent to feed my family of 5 children and an 80 year old for over a week?What kind of customer service hangs up on the customer, rude, disrespectful, cheap foreign labor. Weak

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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