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Update: One of the pieces of information that I was researching concerning a DIRECT telephone number to Sears in Illinois was found at the following link: Here is what is listed through the website concerning Sears/SHC in McHenry, Illinois for Sears U.S.

LANDLINES: Company Profile Categories: Department Stores Site: - Owner Name: Sears Roebuck & Company Phone: (815) 578-4942, (815) 578-8154 (Alt); (815) 578-4942, (815) 578-4919 Languages: English Open Hours: M-Sa 9am-9pm, Su 10am-6pm. In addition, here is a "general apportion" for the Sears Company Directory, under that area code:

Mr. Bill Maynard is the contact manager: (815) 578-4900 Owner Name: Sears AddressInformation: 1900 N Richmond Rd, McHenry, IL 60051 Manager: Bill Maynard 1900 N Richmond Rd, McHenry, IL 60051 Email: (, or I hope this helps!

Original review posted by user May 30, 2018

Well said! However, I do not work for Sears, and your commentary should be regulated toward them. Thank you for that =)

Dear Seifu Seyoum,

Thanks for taking the time and length to respond. The caveat in your experience is the expectation that you were purchasing an item, which at one time, was sufficient and accurate according to the former reality. You have my empathy, as well as my understanding of exactly WHAT IS and WHAT WAS. Nevertheless, your experiences thus far demonstrate the potential of a commitment to see it through, and grant some feedback to help others who are in your situation. The feedback is in your response, and in 'lightly examining' your response, an attempt was made to try to place the issue in a realistic perspective, based upon the control mechanisms you outlined.

The potential, in all commentary, which is subjective and applicable----is a responsibility. You undertook the mantle of responsibility to address the situation, gave the results of what occurred, and what was to be expected as a result. However, this is where the rubber meets the road – one could start over, with new boundaries and new expectations, only if your commitment is centered upon placing those newer boundaries and applying the new expectations. Question is, will you or have you attempted to contact Sears/SHC in directly notifying them of what is your new expectation and resolution is?

You have made the first step in correct co-operation and resolution here at Pissed Consumer. Have you employed the contact information that is listed here to get the process for resolution to your problem started? Such actions are only beneficial and profitable IF you do them, especially since you have posted the experience here. Only you can answer those questions, and I respectfully, see the correlation between making the choice to act, and the uncertain knowledge in prediction (what we all do have control over, and aesthetically, what we all DO NOT HAVE control over). Even though we can't decide, a choice still needs to be made.

While these suggestions I made, SPECIFICALLY to your situation, admittedly did not assist you at all, --- they may be beneficial to others who have blindsided like you, in your place presently. Remember, subjective opinions are simply that: SUBJECTIVE. It is a matter of choice to perform what you need to, collect all the data pertaining to your situation and outsmarting that which seems flippant and invaluable to some. As Marcus Aurelius stated: “If you know it isn't right, you don't do it, and if you know it isn't true, don't say it.” I strongly attest and confirm that the information is legal, correct and substantial, and if you would rather not engage in it, I respect that. That is your choice, after all.

I wish you well in your endeavors, and graciously thank you for replying. It certainly is an invaluable experience that will not be long forgotten.

JJ Freeman (Et Tu Brutae.user)

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