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Dear Durpa and Chan:

Thank you for your feedback. Nonetheless, put yourself in the reviewers shoes. If it were You, in the expanses of your knowledge in previous, past experience, and IDENTICAL occurances, can you honestly admit that your comments would be helpful to you? Personally and professionally, no. That is deftly apparent.

We are here to assist, not to tear anyone down. If you feel the need to release your thoughts constructively, please by all means, do so. If not, no one is interested in your feedback. We are not to judge or criticize what is and what was. Neither of you are not the reviewer, and neither am I. In that same vein, look into that same mirror we all face. A reflection of truth can only be relevant if we want to change for the better in the next opportunity granted each one of us. That is Grace.

Instead of slighting and insinuating fault and blame for an issue that we, as readers/verified users can clearly see for ourselves in the problems outlined above, please apply maturity and your own experiences regarding like issues and experiences that are related to the issue itself. It is far to easy to "see" a commentary and allow our eyes to "roar" in annonimity, the same applies to ones hearing.

Sometimes we all say things just to hear our ears roar.

Rene Descartes said it appropriately: "I think, therefore I am"; King Solomon precursored Descartes: "As a person thinketh in their hearts, so are they." Your comments are appreciated - and you have a wee bit of "authority" to post them - but please apply suggestions and your related issues that will help find solutions that are directly related to this issue.

Verified User,

Et To Brutae (J J Freeman)

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