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Dear Square Plaice,

Thank you for allowing me to respond to your post. It is my sincerest hope that the feedback through Pissed Consumer and many others who have undergone your sister's situation can help you both.

In reviewing what you have written, (as this is a subjective third person opinion), some of the details you have provided may “project” the commonality of delivery and installation problems your sister has encountered thus far; however, in seeing the title of your review, it can be “assumed” that you or your sister contacted Sears CC (Customer Care) to resolve her issue, and it was an unpleasant experience. I understand where you are coming from.

However, in looking into your post, I wish to ask the following questions, and perhaps the verified users here @ Pissed Consumer can assist to derive a conclusion that may help you to get your issue resolved with Sears.

Did you or have either of you employed the contact information for Sears that Pissed Consumer has available herein, and have the either of you executed the suggestions that can help you both gain a resolution?

The reason I ask is that Pissed and a few others (Frank @ Rochester NY) have been invaluable and extremely helpful regarding issues with Sears. They both offer suggestions and recommendations to help you. The information they provided can get resolution started, should you or your sister wish to pursue it.

Please refer to the Sears Product Delivery & Haul Away Services:

1. You stated that your sister had re-ordered the refrigerator you purchased for her. Did you pay for the second refrigerator to be delivered and re-installed for another date/time? Did either of you receive the confirmation information regarding a receipt and or securing the second purchase made?

2. Since you made contact regarding the “second refrigerator" purchase, was the second purchase conducted at the Sears “satellite” store, and the delivery “confirmed” by the same Sears Satellite store?

3. When the delivery was made, was it the same delivery personnel who conducted the installation?

4. Upon inspection and installation, did the agents who delivered the item, upon determining that the doors were not leveled properly, did they, you or your sister make the attempt to contact Sears/Sears A & E or other authorized/pre-qualified local service vendor regarding your sister's claim to conduct and follow up with the proper installation and correction of the problem?

While it would not require a second purchase of the second refrigerator, I urge you to review your credit card statements regarding the purchase, and see if the second charge has posted to your account. It may be that the second order was not processed and that resolution for the first refrigerator delivery and installation truncated the second request.

Please let Pissed Consumer know how your attempts at resolution was conducted. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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