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Dear Janesville,WI:

That which I offer below is a subjective opinion, but I sincerely hope that what is offered can help you get the resolution and the assurance that you are not alone in your situation.

Thank you for taking the time and effort to express your major issues and problems with Sears/SHC, and providing the details regarding your situation. In your honest integrity, it took sheer courage to sharing your experiences with Sears. Your sharing your issues here helps us and Pissed to address, uncover and expose the unprofessional conduct and blatant irresponsibility Sears/SHC is now infamous for. As a precursor, such behaviors and practices have already announced the predicted and soon to evolve posthumous end of Sears.

In my own stead, I had recent “experience” with Sears/SHC, (which I will spare you the sorrid details xD). As a result, since then, little to nothing has changed regarding Sears/SHC practice of scheduling items, ordered procuring payments, etc. Their customer care 'platform' has remained the same when any one calls to report and resolve an issue.

The company, [24/7] a.i., is the entity that Sears/SHC uses to handle all related “in bound utilities” for Sears/SHC (phone/web/electronic communications). [24/7] a.i contends that Sears Corporate (which IS based in India) has no platform for them to call consumers “outbound”. Save yourself the time cost of aggravation of attempting to call to get your issues resolved by telephone. Your emails and your computer will be two of your greatest assets while the process gets underway, and is your proof that you contacted them thoroughly.

however, here is WHAT YOU CAN DO ;)

1. File an immediate claim with the Better Business Bureau, the Wisconsin State AG and the Federal Trade Commission. (Pissed has some valuable key pieces of information herein to help you get the process started). The FTC will issue you a claim number and a direct toll free number to inquire of any progress regarding your case. Inform Sears/SHC via email to customer care that you have registered a claim regarding your issues to the state AG and the FTC WITHOUT DISCLOSING ANY OF THE DETAILS. That is your right and protection under the law.

2. Try to file a claim for the damages concerning your purchase with Sears using the claim feature through the Sears HW webpage: Apply step 3, and hold Sears/SHC accountable. The warranty for the item, since it IS SOLD BY SEARS is applicable, even though they may contend a third party processor conducted it for them.

3. Also try filing a claim to Sears Corporate,


(please refer to: - On line/Store Experience phone number: 1-888-311-2262 AND by email to

4. Follow up and monitor your email with activity. You'd be pleasantly surprised at the information you will find to get your matter resolved. Its worth it.

Please keep us and Pissed Consumer updated on your steps and how the issue was resolved for you. I hope this information helped you.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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