Hello to those people who still think Sears makes anything. First off all Sears does not make Kenmore, Craftsman or any Sears label. So you do pay extra for the name . Also waiting periods for repair can be contributed to greed by lamberts crew . Sears now services Lowes, Best Buy and many other retailers. Even if they show up as a+e still paid by Sears. More waiting time .

Did you know buying a washer and dryer extra warranty cost average 239.00 dollars at sears vs same washer or dryer from Lowes cost aver 70.00 for three years. Also parts filters fuses and many safty item that fail regulary are maked up well over fair price example thermal fuse for dryers cost to make about 2$ sell for about 20.00. And they blow out regulary . If tech comes out ad another $65 to the $20 you pay 85.00 for a $2 cost .

There downsizing employees older full time experience workers eliminated leaving min wage less experience help in service including techs. Yet they still ask premium price from customers . I know i am a service manager in Moline Il.

D. Frakes

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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