I had called Sears, the next day from making an online purchase, to cancel my order. Ithought I had gotten a realy professional person,who seemed nice and helpful enough.

He supposedly called the parts department and canceled my order.We were supposed to get an email the next day with all the cancellation information. Needless to say after assurances from Oddie(Id#718250), there was no email and no cancellation. Instead the package had been sent and was already in route. The item was to come from the "parts" department.

When we spoke to the "parts" department we got told that no one had called and that there was nothing to be done until we received the package. Then we got hung up on. I called customer care to try and see what was going on and "Happy" (Id#564625) answered when I explained everything the only thing she could do is try to pass me on to another department....I asked for a manager. After 10 minutes of waiting, she came back on and told me the other department would help me.I insisted on speaking to the manager.

Now I was on hold for another 30 minutes before "Tylor" who identified himself as the supervisor gave me the same line about understanding the problem but his department wouldn't do anything. He proceeded to try and pass me on to other departments also. Even told me how those departments were supposed to help (parts department). I let him know that they said they couldn't help either.

He proceed to tell me how much he understood, but there was nothing he could do.

Sears really needs to get their act together.

Being such a large company you would think that they would have their procedures and departments a way better informed. SAD SAD Sad.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

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