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Received a letter from Sears That washing machine made by LG recalled. Sears sent technician to fix problem.

Upgrade done, now the washer times have been extended, 102 min. to do towels, 110 min for heavy duty. 300 min for sanitize. Am unable to use all the features as the wash times are extended.

This washer is no longer energy efficient. I never would have bought this product if I knew it would have these long cycle times.

Have had the techs out 3 times, they can't fix the problem, even replaced the board. No one is taking responsibility, LG says it is a Sears problem, Sears says it is LG manufacture settings and can't change it back.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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This machine is a piece of ***! Wrote a letter to Sears sitin one month of purchase to complain.

Was told I was not using proper cycle/s to avoid TWISTED sheets, jeans etc. I have only been doing laundry for 59 years...I believe I know what cycles go with which items!


There is a no time limit Recall on the Kenmore HE Oasis Elite models ending up to 603.


No model is given here and is it a front load or top load??????


I am having the same issue. Got mine fixed abt 2-3 weeks ago b/c my husband thought it would be better and a safety thing.

Now I just want to throw my maching out the window!!!! It worked fine b4 the fix w/ the occasional unbalance (which was the same w/ my prior non-he washing machine). Now, after the fix it seems like my washing machine goes out of balance every 2 min once it goes through the rinse cycle and into the spin cycle and then restarts at 30+ min. Driving me crazy b/c I don't have time to sit in front of my washer and fix it every 2 min (right now, it has 1 knitted blanket in the wash and it has been in there for 2-3 hrs b/c it keeps resetting).

I also, don't like the fact that now I am limited to what I can/can't put into washing maching.

Being a ft working mom, not being able to wash shower curtains or mattress pads in my washer is frustrating and I don't have the expenses or time to go to laundry mat...

I am very frustrated by the new fix, which only involved the technician hooking his computer up to to washer and updating tr software...worthless fix. Totally frustrated and we will be calling LG in the next couple days.


I've been having the same problem with a Kenmore Elite. They're replacing my washer with a new one.

Call Sears back (Customer Solutions) and see if this applies to your model washer also. Good luck!


Was you Kenmore Elite still under warranty or did you buy extended service agreement? Sears will do nothing for me since my machine is over 3 years old, even though it hasn't worked properly since day 1 (same issues as other posters).

Service techs have been out 3 times and they all say they cannot fix problem. I have asked for replacement and all they can say is sorry but they do value my business.


My machine was also fine until the first fix. Then I experienced longer washing times and then it started to stop on 40 mins.

After that I was told I needed some $350.00 new board. That was ordered and put in. At no time before this did I ever have an error code. Well, now after the new board, I am getting an error code.

Thought I would never get it to spin and drain so I could get the clothes out. Called today to let them know. The guy ( quite possibly in a foreign country-I didn't ask)told me he was going to order a part that would be sent to me and he scheduled an appointment for a tech to come. I ask him how he knew what part to order and he said the manufacturer had sent them a list of parts to send to customers.

This logic eludes me. I ask him at what point was this going to be fixed and, of course, he didn't know. I've been dealing with this since the first of this year. At this point they need to send me a totally new machine that doesn't have all these hit and miss parts in it.

Since I bought the new washer and dryer, I have also purchased from Sears a new refrigerator, stove, built-in microwave and dishwasher. I can only hope that I don't have this same experience with those appliances! After calling repair today, I decided to look on line to see if other people were experiencing this same thing.

After reading these remarks I have to wonder if this issue will ever be resolved. If we are all having the same problem, there must be something wrong with the design and instead of all of this run around, it would be cheaper to just replace all of the recalled machines.


My story is identical. I did not have any problems with my LG top loading washer until Sears installed the "fix".

I also experienced longer wash cycles, but machine also started to stop halfway through final spin and revert back to rinse cycle. I spent 4 hours trying to spin the last load I did in the machine so clothes wouldn't be too wet for dryer. Sears came back out, took machine apart, and then decided it needed parts. Tech said he would be back in a week.Didn't come or call, so we called Sears and were told parts were on backorder and we are now scheduled for 3/21.

I will be 3 weeks without a washer and I had no trouble with it before the "fix". When you call Sears 800 number for service, you are talking to someone in the Phillipines, so why would they care about any of your complaints.

@Irate ***sumer

Same problem. Parts on back order.

Lg was worked fine before. Tech told me that the new software doesn't work and I will always get UE codes. I am just going to sue them. For $50 I can file a small claims complaint.

I have a family with small kids = lots of laundry and its now been 2 weeks. How much longer? Sears is useless.

It will take time but I will win in court. Have to buy another washer in the interim.

@Same problem

My so called high end Kenmore Elite Washer went into a violent spin, flooded my utility room, A&E came out, did the software update, told me the leak wasn't covered under recall, gave me an estimate over $500. to fix, then left.

Been fighting them for 6 months, have since bought a Whirlpool, it doesn't say Kenmore anywhere on it. Have written to the local TV station, filed with the State of Fla.(waste of time) and am now considering other options. If you see a A&E(Sears) truck pull in your drive way, Lock the Front Door!, Call the cops! A&E services Home Depot, Lowes, Target etc...

do yourself a favor call a local repairman. Sears never again!, I don't even like driving by a Sears store...anymore!